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Update your app content without coding

You may know CMS or Content Management Systems from various websites that allow employees to update content without coding knowledge β€” we built it into mobile apps.

Napp CMS

Custom apps requires smart thinking. As a result, we are working with prebuild modules to ensure a proven and cost-efficient solution. The modules can be combined with unique requirements. We also provide workshops where we educate and provide consultancy based on the needs of your business.


Combine your app with in-depth analytics. You will be able to see how many users that are using your app, at what time and for what purpose. We can even combine the statistics module with custom tracking, so you will get business intelligence on exactly the events you need.


PUSH notifications are similar to SMS. However, they are free of charge. PUSH can be sent to all users who have agreed to receive them. A PUSH notification can either be timed or segmented, enabling you to communicate directly and individually to your users.

GPS Tracking

Using the phone or tablets built-in GPS hardware allows you to track the users position. The information can be used to provide the user with relevant data – everything from the nearby shop to documented localizations.


Mobile apps can include a login-form at the exact same level of security as a desktop app. This module enables you to build enterprise-only apps for your staff or users. The login can be saved on the phone, thus providing the user with a better and easier experience.


With our standardized software tool, Napp Siesta, you will have your own complete digital distribution center. Handling a PDF inside a mobile app is now more possible than ever before. We even combined it with statistics and PUSH.

Social media share

Using Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, YouTube or Vimeo is possible with one of our pre-built standardized modules. Instead of having to built a custom integration each time, we have made modules for each and everyone of the major social media platforms.


A video- or image gallery is possible with this ready-to-use module. A gallery could either pull information from one of the major current providers, like Google Picasa or similar. It could also be that you need a custom-made gallery, which is also possible.


Feeds can be pulled from nearly every news-site or existing website. At Napp we have built a newsfeed module, so you can use an intuitive and simplistic backend in order to update news for your mobile users.

3rd Party Integration

Apps from Napp and the Napp CMS are Enterprise-ready , meaning that it will plug into your current systems. That way you can combine functionality across all professional software.

SAP Logo

Make use of the availbility to automatically sync data between SAP and your app through deep integration.

Oracle Partner Logo

Oracle database? No problem. All data can be synched straight to your app and back.

Sharepoint Logo

Make the most of your app together with your team collaboration software using Microsoft Sharepoint.

Mailchimp Logo

Your app can be hooked up to MailChimp so the user can subscribe and unsubscribe from the app.

Microsoft Dynamics Logo

Automatically sync the sales, CRM or ERP information between your mobile app and Microsoft Dynamics.

Salesforce Logo

Salesforce can be integrated to your Enterprise app in order pull information from the CRM system and be put in combination with other intel.

Security in 190 countries

We know and understand our customer's high standards when it comes to security, stability and the ensurement of safe protection of personal data. That is why we have cloud-servers in 190 countries to bring down risk and latency.

Server scattering Server scattering
Deep SSL-encryption Deep SSL-encryption
Professional Support Professional Support
Daily back-up Daily back-up