A platform that scales with your sales success

Get the overview of our Sales Enablement Platform that helps marketers market and sales reps sell.

Enable Sales

Provide content, tools and information for sales to effectively support any buyer’s journey.

Engage Buyers

Present, address buyer’s needs, share the most relevant content with buyers and track their engagement.

Optimize Performance

Analyze behavior, develop compelling content, drive alignment and improve win rates.


Give your Sales Team a tool to close more deals

Have all content gathered in one place and access it everywhere via App and Web.

  • Upload and segment sales content
  • Measure the usage and effectiveness of content
  • Instantly find and present all content
  • Share content with clients and track behavior
  • Access product, stock and price information on-the-go

Content management

Target content to different sales teams and resellers

Empower sales reps with segmented and relevant content that drives the conversation in client meetings. Manage the access to content for sales reps, clients and resellers and create a professional buying experience throughout the buying journey.

  • Ensure that users only view relevant content
  • Make updates instantly available via app and web viewer
  • Reduce the time spent searching for content

Adaptive presentations

Improve relevance and cross sales

The Adaptive Presentation supports you in multiple potential conversation flows and gives your clients a tailored buying experience. This format of presentation allows all sales reps to have guided business critical conversations with their clients.

  • Navigate content easily to adapt to the client's needs
  • Improve cross- and upsell opportunities
  • Save time on content creation and meeting preparation

Meeting follow-ups

Share content with clients and track their interests

Make tailored follow-ups on meetings by sharing relevant content with your clients. With a few taps you make a selection of content, add a message and send it all in an e-mail. View how the client interacts with the content and use the insight to prepare for a relevant next meeting with the client.

  • Make easy and quick follow-ups on meetings
  • Get insight into the client's interests and concerns
  • View and sync client interests to your CRM

We Integrate with

Napp integrates with the tools you already use creating a unified platform for your sales and marketing infrastructure.

Content Creation and Management

We are not offering advanced in-browser document editors - instead, we believe that you should continue to use the content creation tools you already enjoy to stay productive. Furthermore, we integrate with various content management tools like Templafy and Sharepoint to make it even easier and productive to sync content to Napp. Keeping you productive is our goal.

Product and Order flow

Since we enable the sales force with advanced capabilities of placing orders, view product metadata and find stock levels at multiple warehouse locations, we integrate with SAP ERP and Microsoft AX.
We support EDI, email, FTP and API order flows to elegantly give orders back to you.
If you don't have an order review process in your ERP running, no problem. Napp has an order dashboard for reviewing built right in.


One of the salespeople's most valuable tools is CRM. It is used every day and must be updated to create real value. Napp keeps the sales rep productive by automating tasks like sharing information with the prospect and creating follow up reminders to ensure attendance at the right time.
We will support your customer journey from lead to opportunity towards a paying customer.

If your specific tool is not shown here - don't worry, let's talk!

Content analytics

Measure the usage and effectiveness of content

Get insight into content performance with powerful and advanced analytics. Learn what kind of content that performs best and apply the insights to content creation. This enables you to increase both your content usage and marketing effectiveness.

  • View content performance
  • Get insight into campaign usage and adoption
  • Prioritize marketing resources to maximize ROI

Stock lookup

Save admin time and look professional in meetings

Save time by quickly looking up product, stock and pricing information on-the-go in the app. Impress clients by adressing their stock-related questions immediately in meetings. Armed with updated stock information you can create quotes and submit orders on the spot.

  • Instantly view local and global stock level
  • Updated as often as you need
  • Search by product name, SKU or your custom preferences

Order taking

Reduce the back-office costs

Empower your users with self-service options via Order Taking in the app. Order Taking allows your sales reps to strike while the iron is hot and close the deal at the table. That streamlines the buying process and enables you to accomodate your clients' requests immediately.

  • Fully customizable and easy to use
  • Multiple options for client specific discount solutions
  • Shorten the sales cycle by closing deals at the table

Testimonials from clients


Centralize and control all content, provide more relevant client experiences and optimize performance with analytics

Discover marketing benefits

Sales Managers

More relevant client meetings, increase productivity of your sales team and learn from the best performers

Support your sales leadership

Sales Professionals

Spend more time selling, less time on manual work and build stronger relationships with your clients

Allow sales pros to sell more