Relevant sales content in all client meetings

Get the overview of our Sales Enablement Platform that helps marketers market and sales reps sell.

How it works

Centralized sales content

Create centrally – use everywhere

Ensure the right sales material is always available at all meetings. Control content in one centralized platform, and push updates instantly to all sales teams.

  • Centralized content management
  • Updates instantly available
For Marketing


Give your Sales Team a tool to close more deals

Have all content gathered in one place and access it everywhere via App and Web.

  • Instantly access all content – even offline
  • Present presentations, brochures and interactive content
  • Share content with clients
  • See client behavior and history
  • Look up products, stock and pricing information

Organize sales material

Ensure that content is segmented and relevant

Organize and manage all content across countries, teams and organizational units. Make your sales content useful and easily available for sales teams and individuals by only showing relevant content to users – even when the organization has a complex structure.

Share content

Brochures, presentations, videos and more

Mix and match content for the best meeting experience for the client. Share content with clients immediately and get notified when they are ready to engage.

  • Add presentations, videos, forms and products
  • Understand client interests through share analytics
  • Automatically creates follow up task in CRM

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Offline availability

Always available – even without wifi

Ensure that sales reps in the field can always access content via a mobile app, a browser and even offline. Never waste precious time waiting for the PC to start up or the projector to connect again - use iPad-supported presentations to present content immediately and leave a better impression during the client meeting.

  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Browser-based access
  • Offline content access in app

Sales content analytics

Get insights into client behavior

Have timely and relevant conversations with clients based on their actions. Get the overview of all clients' behavior history and order history. Get ready to follow up and tailor the next conversation by looking into what catches the interest of the client.

Product, stock and price lookup

Close the deal at the meeting

Look up product information, stock and prices directly at the meeting. Make quotes, submit orders and create follow-ups to reduce the admin workload and spend more time with clients.

  • Look up product, pricing and stock details
  • Make quotes and submit orders while on the road
  • Integrate with your existing eCommerce or ERP system

Proven client success

Powerful analytics

Make data-driven decisions

Get insights into usage and performance of all sales material to make well-informed decisions about marketing resources. See how the content is consumed by the clients, the sales teams and each rep individually to learn how your work supports the business.

  • Identify most used sales material
  • Find opportunities for content optimization
  • Apply best practices from usage behavior


Centralize and control all content, provide more relevant client experiences and optimize performance with analytics

Discover marketing benefits

Sales Managers

More relevant client meetings, increase productivity of your sales team and learn from the best performers

Support your sales leadership

Sales Professionals

Spend more time selling, less time on manual work and build stronger relationships with your clients

Allow sales pros to sell more

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