A sales tool that makes you shine

Say hello to more relevant and professional client meetings that help you build stronger client relationships

Increased sales performance

Less time spent on manual tasks

Increased upsell rates

Easy access to all material

Spend more time selling

Instant access to all content and client history makes a smooth client meeting. No more calling the office, go to portals to look up status on previous orders. All is right there in the app instantly.

  • Always have the right presentation available
  • See previous client and order history

Interactive and instant

Look great in front of your clients

Instant access to relevant and modern interactive content makes you professional in all steps of the sales process. The client is asking tricky questions? Not a problem - instantly look up prices, inventory levels, delivery time, and order history and status, or find relevant sales material for the client.

Customer Analytics

Build stronger relationships with your clients

Get actionable insights into client history and behavior. Learn what part of your presentation that wins your clients' trust and get notifications when they interact with the sales material and are ready to buy.

Automated follow-up

Quick and easy follow-up

Share relevant content in the meeting. Create quotes and submit orders when visiting the client - the ride home is much more fun when the contract is signed.

  • Sync to CRM
  • Automated follow-up task
  • Engage client with sharing insights

Get a tailored demonstration

Book an online presentation today and get introduced to Napp by a Sales Enablement professional.

  • Explore the platform in action
  • Learn how Napp can benefit your business
  • Explore the many integration options
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