Increase sales team productivity

Easy-to-use sales tools that help reps spend more time selling

Increased sales performance

Less time spent on manual tasks

Increased upsell rates

Instant look-ups at meeting

More relevant client meetings

Instant access to relevant content makes sales reps professional and effective in all steps of the sales process. Access to updated sales material and new promotions, as well as instant product, price and inventory look-ups can answer any unanticipated questions from the client.

Field sales enablement

Increase the productivity of your sales team

Release 20% of time spent on administration and meeting preparation, and increase top line revenue. Enable field sales to create follow-ups quickly while on the road, so they spend more time where they are best - in front of the clients.

Sales performance insights

Empower your sales team by learning from the best

Identify and adapt best practices with insights from your sales reps' behavior. Analytics on how successful reps use sales material help low performers learn from the best, so you can increase overall performance of the entire sales team.

  • See how top performers behave
  • Identify key activities of top performers
  • Share insights with the rest of the team

order management

Increase upsell and cross sell

Enable more upselling and cross selling opportunities by looking up order history, pricing and stock availability during client meetings. Armed with updated information it becomes possible to create quotes and submit orders on the spot. Who doesn't want to close the deal at the meeting?


»Introducing sales tools for our sales teams to make them focus more on selling has been a key priority. With Napp, we have seen exactly that, as well as clearly measurable higher sales rep productivity with a 26 percent performance increase«

— Philip McNeill, Director of Sales, SMB, Lyreco

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