Tracking and getting insights on how your reports are read is essential when improving your content, which should make you consider a digital version as a supplement to the printed one. Here are some reasons for you to digitize your annual report.


It can be a bit tricky to handle a rather large sized annual report, while dealing with a stressful everyday life with meetings, travels and loads of other printed materials. By digitizing your annual report in a responsive application and web viewer, the reader will experience a easy-to-access version that adjusts to all devices, which makes it easy for the reader to view the report when traveling or preparing for a meeting, on just one device.


A digital version of an annual report will be able to provide you with different data that you can use for optimizing your content. These data could among others be statistics on which pages/chapters in your report are considered as the most read and interesting. Also different demographics can be monitored and tracked with a digital version.

Simple sharing features & user interaction

To get your readers to interact is key for everybody who publishes content. By having call-to-actions incorporated in your digital version the reader will be able to share your annual report on social media, send-to-email and print directly from the application/web viewer. These features decreases time and numbers of clicks when having to share the report with coworkers, equity analysts, stakeholders and others because of the features being available inside the digital version.


By splitting the annual report in different sections, which could be a financial section and a marketing section, the report will easily appear as more personal for the reader, due to fact that the reader will have a choice. Everybody appreciates to be given a choice and another personalization feature could be a personal message on the front cover of your digital annual report when sending/viewing. This of course takes a bit more effort since you will have to have some data provided, such as names on the receivers etc. But who doesn't like a personal message? This also creates a bridge between you as a company and your reader. The personalization opportunities are endless, the more the merrier.

Embedded graphics

By adding great designed elements such as infographics, graphs, pictures and/or even links and videos your report will appear as more likeable and easier to read. This will encourage your reader to interact and perhaps result in positive feedback on a great user experience.

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