So what is Sales Enablement really?

When making a search for Sales Enablement it becomes clear that the concept has a variety of definitions.

Briefly put, we will describe Sales Enablement as the things you do to make your sales reps perform better.

This encompasses the large amount of methods and tools you can use to strengthen sales processes and increase your sales reps’ productivity, which ultimately boosts the sales of your products or services.

How does Sales Enablement work?

Practically, Sales Enablement is a matter of providing your sales reps with the content and tools they need to excel in any sales encounter.

It is all about having the customers’ needs in mind and using technology to effectively boost the performance of a large team of sales reps while still conveying a customer experience that is personal and engaging.

The objective is to make sales reps engage in relevant and meaningful conversations with the customers to close deals faster and close more deals, but the work starts internally in your organization. For Sales Enablement to be carried out successfully, the marketing and sales departments will have to work closely together in the creation and distribution of the right content. Marketing will be better equipped to make useful content when they know how the sales reps utilize content during client meetings. A feedback loop like this will strengthen Sales Enablement by assuring that marketing and sales managers make informed decisions about the improvement of sales content and processes.

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Why do you need software for Sales Enablement?

The implementation of Sales Enablement software will dramatically ease the process of accomplishing the objectives mentioned above. Utilizing technology is key when it comes to making processes more efficient on a large scale while still allowing for personalization, because you can make use of e.g. automation and analytics. Here are some of the key benefits of implementing software to strengthen Sales Enablement in your organization:

  • You get a CMS that allows you to control and manage all your content in one place
  • You get rid of paper and binders since your sales reps can access everything online
  • You can customize content to fit the needs of your sales reps and your clients
  • You can automate the distribution of content
  • You get access to user analytics that tell you what kind of content that works

This is only the basics of Sales Enablement software, and different solutions will provide you with different additions that could be e.g. sales training or integrations with other systems. Be aware that content in this sense could be more than catalogs and sales presentations. It might as well be video guides or testimonials, client cases or other kinds of content you utilize in sales encounters.

What makes Napp stand out as a Sales Enablement platform?

Napp is a Sales Enablement platform that comes with all the benefits mentioned in the bullet points above, but includes a variety of additional features:

  • You can look up product, stock and price info instantly at client meetings in your own app
  • You can create quotes and place orders right away in your app to seal the deal in the meeting room
  • You can view content analytics that show you details about the content that performs best
  • You can view client history and orders to make personalized sales presentations that is relevant to the client
  • You get insights into sales reps’ usage of content which allows you to identify and apply best practices for sales

In short, Napp includes both a web and app solution that allows your sales reps to access content everywhere and anytime, since content is also available offline. Content management is centralized, and it is easy to distribute the right content to the right people, because there are multiple segmentation features in the solution. Additionally, you can look up product information and place orders in the app, and there are detailed analytics and statistics for content use that allow you to make informed decisions.

Explore our website for more details and find out how Napp benefits the marketing department, the sales manager and the sales professionals in your organization. If you have any additional questions about what Sales Enablement is or you are interested in a personal introduction to Napp based on your individual needs, then fill out a contact form and we will get back to you.

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