Machine Learning is a sub concept of Artificial Intelligence, which can be divided into two categories, Machine Learning (ML) and deep learning (DL). According to Amazon Machine Learning ”…is a collection of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions based on recorded data, optimize a given utility function under uncertainty, extract hidden structures from data and classify data into concise descriptions.” (Amazon, 2017) This means that the machine can attain important data extracts and results based on the algorithms’ pattern recognition of the data. This makes businesses able to create better strategies of e.g. sales, content personalization and anomaly detection. 

On the other hand, Deep Learning is a sub-branch of Machine Learning where algorithms are layered to gain a better understanding of the data in the sense of using non-linear algorithms to create some relationships between a range of elements and factors. This is used to make predictions and interpretations of the data, which humans could not perceive or code practically.  

So, what can you use this for?

Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning enables the possibility of taking advantage of your position, improve your business processes and units, and ideally gain a competitive advantage. The point is that it becomes more useful with more data as the algorithms can find better patterns and solutions. Hence, your strategy- and decision-making process improves.

Here at Napp, we are currently working on integrating Machine Learning to ease the process of content personalization of our customers and their applications. This means that it will be easier for our customers to take advantage of their statistics. If you want to know more contact us at or +45 42428060.

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