Our new client SIS International A/S has a foundation that dates all the way back to 1925. Back then, the company produced wheels in a factory in Middelfart, in the central region of Denmark. Years later SIS shifted their focus from wheels to furniture, and in the 1970s, the company was a leading force in thinking ergonomics into the design of school furniture in Denmark. Today SIS develops innovative, ergonomic and flexible furniture for schools and offices. The company became a part of the Belgian i3-Group in 2013, but it is still located in Middelfart, Denmark where it all began in 1925.

SIS offers products within the categories furniture, visual communication and technology. Products within the furniture category ranges from desks to scene systems (and they even have a bench named Napp®!). Visual communication products include whiteboards, chalkboards and film screens. Examples of technology products are interactive whiteboard solutions and projectors.

Having a large number of products, an even larger number of product sheets and an unbelievably large number of product specs, the information load quickly becomes an overload in a company like SIS. Therefore, SIS has chosen Napp® as their platform for collecting and distributing product information. To have product sheets organized neatly in an app rather than printed and in a folder, allows the SIS sales team to find information easily and always have the updated lists at hand. In addition, the company’s costs of printing fat product catalogs and its amounts of paper waste are reduced significantly.

We are very happy to have them and excited to follow their Napp® journey. If you want to know more about SIS International A/S, click here.

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