It really depends on the purpose and needs of the company and can also be a matter of a branding- and/or technical perspective. 

Businesses are becoming more aware of the need of adapting to mobile first and the user consumption of apps has changed drastically over the past years in context to the fast developing digitization. 

Native apps have the purpose of being user friendly and simple to use on the run, in order to offer a great user experience. The apps can contain a big amount of information, some are offline accessible and can have all the smartphone features incorporated such as; camera, GPS, photo galleries, contacts, Facebook login etc. These functions allow a personalization beyond imagination that gives the app owner an advantage when it comes to understanding the user’s behaviour because of the many tracking opportunities, which allows the app owner to enrich and optimize the content based on the tracking data and user reviews/ratings. When updating new features in the app the app store has to approve these, which can take a few weeks. Also building an app or getting it build for you can be a costly solution. Nevertheless having an app allows you to offer a great UX and presentation of your product or service and the most important factor is the personalization opportunities that follows when pushing out offers and/or other PUSH-notifications. 

When it comes to responsive websites one must ask if this is enough. Even though a responsive website allows an adaptive solution for all devices, it also comes with different encounters such as only being accessible when one is online, not the same user experience on all devices, with the possibility of a bad UX on specific devices. This solution doesn’t take time to install since it is accessed with a simple URL once the user is on the Internet, but because of only being accessible when online, the different features that are available with the app solution won’t be a reality when using the responsive website. Also the responsive website won’t have the smartphone features like the app. 

So if you desire a solution that allows you to achieve a great UX, user interaction, tracking of user behavior, personalization and the opportunity of complex features a native app will definitely be the best solution.

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