In the light of Napp®'s recent expansion from a Digital Publishing platform to a Sales Enablement platform, team Napp has worked intensely on the backend the past few months. Our goal was to improve the usability and the design of the entire platform to enhance the experience of using Napp® for our clients. Today we've released a major update for Napp® with new and improved features as well as the fresh, new look.

Napp® has a new main menu

The previous version of Napp®'s menu was struggling with being overly cluttered and overwhelming. It wouldn't be able to support the "Sales Enablement expansion" in its original design. In the new menu we've grouped together features in separate "actions": Manage for user and partner administration, Publish for publications and Engage for push messages, and so on:

We hope the new main menu will help our clients to navigate Napp® more easily than before.

Uploading a Publication just became a whole lot simpler

Napp® is having some serious growing pains but that doesn't mean we've forgotten entirely about the features already there. The most used feature inside Napp® is undoubtedly Uploading a Publication, which our clients have been using for adding thousands of materials into Napp® – with incredible patience. The original design had no less than fifteen field options you could fill in and most of them were not even mandatory, slowing down the uploading process unnecessarily.

The new and redesigned Upload Publication page will hopefully improve the efficiency of the feature and help our clients upload their materials faster.

'Access Groups' in Napp® are now called 'Teams'

This one, we're really excited about. It's no secret Napp® has had an issue with its Access Groups feature which was far too difficult to understand. Access Groups allows clients to group together users and give them access to content. We've renamed Access Groups to Teams and have really made an effort to explain the feature better than before. We've also created some infographics to help clients understand the new Teams and Categories:

Several pages got a special makeover

The new Napp® redesign not only covers the overall look of the backend such as fonts and colors. We've swung the magic wand over many of the current features and pages inside Napp®, optimizing each one of them to the extent we could find time for within our deadline. We've redesigned the dashboard, forms, push messages, all data tables and all the statistics pages.

Napp® has a new way of communicating

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are all the rage of this age and Napp® will be joining in on some of the fun. Napp® has a new way of communicating, aiming to provide our clients with useful feedback and intelligent suggestions for features or actions inside the system. 

Napp® will become much smarter and more focused on automation to provide people with the information they need, when they need it and as always, on the device they're on. 

But despite being very excited about the redesign, we also know change is super hard. We're doing everything we possibly can to ease the transition:

  • We've written a Help Center article to assist clients in using the new Napp®.
  • We're sending out invitations for two webinars where we'll go through the new design: one for clients and one for everyone who are curious to see what possibilities Napp® offer
  • And as always, we're online on our support chat on the website during normal office hours

Keep an eye out for our emails and please, if you have any feedback for the new Napp®, don't hesitate to contact us!

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