First of all, what is sales performance? We all want to perform well, but what exactly does that entail? Briefly put, sales performance is a measure of sales goal achievement, i.e. if you are achieving or maybe exceeding your sales goals you are performing well, and if not then you are underperforming.

One of the simplest ways to improve sales performance is to improve sales productivity: When you spend more time on sales generating activities, you are likely to sell more. There are multiple things that you can do, and we have gathered three pieces of advice that you can implement today.

#1 Leverage your CRM

Almost every company today with a sales department uses a CRM to support and strengthen their sales activities. According to Destination CRM, 91% of companies with 10 or more employees have a CRM system. But far from every company is using their CRM to its fullest, and a study by CSO Insights shows that only 44% of top-performing companies have a CRM adoption rate over 90%. Moreover, this percentage is even lower for the companies placed in the middle and the bottom based on performance.

Therefore, take some time to explore the potential of your CRM and encourage usage among your sales reps. Chances are that you will find ways to automate manual tasks, get more and richer data on your leads, and get increased insight into your sales activities, which can help you boost sales performance. Moreover, your CRM might be able to integrate with your other IT systems, enabling your sales reps to work even smarter.

Learn how CRM and Sales Enablement solutions complement each other.

#2 Use templates

Templates for presentations, e-mails and more are a great way to save time, so you can spend more time talking to clients and as result – sell more. In addition, using templates will also ensure that your sales reps communicate according to your strategy and do not create their own material, which is not on-brand.

Be aware that you should create templates that allow for customization, in order for sales reps to be able to effectively address every client in a relevant way. We utilize adaptive presentations to empower sales reps with material that can take them in any direction at client meetings. If you are starting from scratch, then a great way to begin is with making an outline consisting of your best sales presentation topics.

#3 Focus on cross-selling and upselling

Cross-selling and upselling are effective ways to improve sales performance and work with client retainment, but these sales opportunities are often overlooked by sales reps. In short, cross-selling is the act of selling an additional maybe complementary product or service to a client, and upselling is the act of selling a more expensive version of the product or service or in another way upgrading the client.

If sales reps keep cross-selling and upselling opportunities in mind, they can embed them into their conversations with clients, and ensure that the sale becomes a win-win for both parties: The client gets a tailored experience and a relevant product or service and you sell more.

Ways to improve sales performance with Napp

Napp is a sales enablement platform that improves the performance of your sales reps by freeing up their time for selling and helping them have more relevant meetings. It is a web solution and an app where your sales reps can find and use all the presentations and product and stock information that they need in client meetings. Additionally, they can place orders and follow the status of their orders in the app.

Napp enables you to implement the three pieces of advice above: You can integrate the platform with your CRM to increase adoption of both systems and get more value from them; you can enrich Napp with adaptive presentations and segmented content that ensures your sales reps can find what they need in client meetings and present relevant material; and you can easily incorporate products and services that encourage cross-selling and upselling. Book a demo of Napp today and see it all in action.

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