Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an on going two-way dialog between you and your Google Assistant that can work with other apps. It provides you with contextual suggestions, recommendations and predicts what you might reply in a message thread, but you can also have a conversation with the Google Assistant because of the advanced conversational speech abilities. Also you can have a one to one chat with your Google Assistant and ask questions, make it call up your mom, show specific pictures or tell you how to get from a to b.

Google Home

Google Home is a new little grey and white Wi-Fi speaker device that is home for Google Assistant and helps you handle your every day tasks at home. It lets you control your smart home devices, it can of course play music but you can also ask Google Home anything, like where the best Italian restaurant is and how to get there from your home and it will answer with a verbal respond. The coolest thing about Google Home is that it will come to know you and learn about your habits and preferences the more you use it in order to provide you with personal and tailored responses.


Allo is a smart messaging communication app with Google Assistant build in. Because of the assistant Allo offers Smart Replies, which gives you suggestions for your answers. The more you type, the more suggestions you will get and the idea is to make the assistant personal so the suggestions for answers is personalized just for you. Also you can slide the send button up and down to "whisper" or "shout" out your answer.


Duo is a video-calling app and is the video companion for Allo. A cool feature in the Duo app is the “knock-knock” that shows a live video stream of the caller on your front screen. Even when your phone is locked and even before you pick up and answer the call. The great thing about Duo is that it even works on slow networks and it will be available for both Android and IOS.

Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps are a new fast and smart way to give people access to content in apps without actually having the apps installed. It allows you to view content/link that you might receive from a friend, in an app even if you don’t have the app installed. For example, if you receive a link that only can be viewed in a specific app which you don’t have, Android will do a temporary download with only the specific modules of the app, which are required to view the link you received. This allows you to only have the apps that you actually use installed on your phone and therefore save space on your phone, instead of having loads of irrelevant apps.

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