What is it that makes some sales reps perform better than others? Training has a lot to say, but there are also a set of fundamental skills that characterizes great sales reps. We have gathered them here, so you know what to search for when hiring new coworkers for your B2B sales team.

What are the sales skills of top-performing B2B sales reps?

#1 Empathy

Being empathetic is an essential skill of great sales reps, because empathy enables them to tune in to individual buyers’ needs. Today, sales is a matter of buying, and therefore it is essential that your sales reps can get a good grasp of the situation of each and every buyer that they interact with.

#2 Responsiveness

Empathy is one thing, acting on it is another: Sales reps need to be responsive and able to adjust their conversation with buyers in real time. This involves listening and asking relevant follow-up questions to the buyer that they are facing. Responsiveness shows that sales reps are not just fixating on sales quota and forcing a product or service onto a buyer, but take a stand in the buyer’s situation.

#3 Confidence

Speaking confidently about your product or service and the buyer’s industry is reassuring to the buyer, and it makes the sales rep come across as trustworthy and knowledgeable about the buyer’s situation.

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#4 Persuasiveness

Sales reps need to be effective in negotiating and closing deals and that requires persuasiveness. In order to persuade a buyer, sales reps must be well-prepared: They need to know their own solution, the buyer, and the objections that they might be faced with and how to handle them.

#5 Problem-solving

Great sales reps are problem-solvers who genuinely help and support buyers in finding a solution, e.g. by applying a value-based selling approach. If your sales reps can solve critical problems for buyers, they can make your product or service something that is a need-to-have rather than a nice-to-have.

#6 Persistence

Prospects are rarely reached with the first call and they most likely drag out the closing phase. Therefore, sales reps need to be persistent to succeed. In this regard, following up is crucial in order to keep prospects engaged and not let their interest fade and disappear.

#7 Communication

Communicative skills are required in multiple job functions today, and not least in sales where you highly rely on your sales reps’ ability to present, talk and engage in a dialogue with buyers. Moreover, communication is essential to alignment in the organization, which can help your entire sales team become more effective and productive.

*3 bonus sales skills*

If you have read the book The Challenger Sale, you know what is coming. This book describes the Challenger sales rep who excels at modern solution selling by Teaching, Tailoring and Taking control. These three skills nicely summarize the top sales skills that we have highlighted above.

#1 Teaching

A good sales rep is able to teach buyers about new ideas and ways of thinking. The key in this regard is to be well-prepared in order to come across as competent and knowledgeable both about own product and service and about the buyer and the buyer’s industry.

#2 Tailoring

Today, the sales process is not linear and every B2B buyer travels through a different journey towards a sale. This requires that your sales reps tailor the sales process to the individual buyer. If they can tweak, customize and personalize their interaction with the buyer, they become more relevant to them and their current situation.

#3 Taking control

A great sales rep takes control of the sale and drives the process forward. This ability is crucial to getting commitment from the buyer and closing the deal. If your sales reps do not take control, deals are more likely to stall and be lost because you did not strike while the iron was hot.

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