You first and foremost need people with great sales skills to create a sales team that closes deals, but you also need the right tools to support the sales reps in their work and enable them to spend as much time as possible on sales generating activities. But there are many sales enhancing tools on the market, so how do you figure out what you need? Below is a list of things you might want to consider before doing further research and spend money on a piece of sales rep software – because it can be quite expensive.

These are suggestions for questions to ask yourself, in order to figure out what the best sales tools for your sales reps are:

  • What problems are we facing in sales?
  • What information or process optimization do we need?
  • What administrative tasks can we automate?
  • What is our budget for purchasing a new sales tool?
  • Is the sales tool in question easy to maintain?
  • Is the sales tool in question easily accessible on all devices?

Keep this in mind when making further research for specific solutions. Now to get started, have a look at this top five of the most popular sales tools for sales reps. One of them might be just what you need.

#1 CRM

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system has become vital to many modern sales organizations. It stores all your information about leads, prospects and clients, and helps sales teams to effectively manage their relations with all of them and then improve sales productivity. You do not need a high turnover or large sales organization to get a CRM: there are free systems available with basic functionalities, e.g. Hubspot CRM, as well as there are more expensive systems like Salesforce that offer any functionality you may need to boost sales effectiveness.

#2 Content Management Platform

Content Management Platforms or CMSs (Content Management Systems) help you manage, publish and distribute your content. You may be familiar with Content Management Platforms utilized for managing your website content, e.g. Wordpress. But such a system is most likely insufficient when it comes to supporting your sales reps with sales material. For that you need a Content Management Platform that caters to sales reps’ needs and is available on all devices. Some companies use a solution like Dropbox as a sales content library, others employ a DAM system. Actually, Content Management Platform has somewhat become an umbrella term that can be used to describe a lot of software. Therefore, when it comes to sales tools for sales reps, we suggest you take a look at #5, the Sales Enablement Platform, if you want a Content Management Platform that can do a lot more than managing your content.

#3 Virtual Meeting Platform

Virtual Meeting Platforms, Web Conferencing Software, Online Meeting Software etc. This kind of software has almost become indispensable in today’s sales organizations. The reason being that an increasing amount of companies are “born global”, meaning their organization and target markets are dispersed and cover multiple countries. Since it does not pay off to fly people in for every internal meeting and visit every lead in person, platforms like Skype, Zoom and GoToMeeting have become popular solutions for calling coworkers, making product demos, organizing webinars and more.

We used Zoom to hold this webinar with Sales Enablement expert Pam Didner.

#4 LMS

An LMS (Learning Management System) is for training your sales reps and other employees. It is an online learning platform where you can provide your sales reps with convenient access to courses that can be made more engaging e.g. with gamification. Furthermore, an LMS makes it easy for you to track whether your sales team has actually completed the training you expect them to do. Therefore, reporting becomes a lot easier. It actually goes for all these tools that they are digital sales tools and therefore makes it easier for you to store and organize data and report on activities.

#5 Sales Enablement Platform

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to handle both sales material used by sales reps as well material that is used by clients, a Sales Enablement Platform is a great fit for you. As mentioned, it has content management functions but also a lot more. A Sales Enablement solution makes it easy for you to distribute content to the right users regardless of the device they are using, and it then tracks how content is viewed, so marketing can learn how it performs in sales encounters, and learn what works and what can be optimized. In that way, a Sales Enablement solution also provides you with insight into the behavior of sales reps in meetings with prospects and clients, which is otherwise a black box.

There are a great variety of Sales Enablement Platform providers on the market, and they all vary a bit in functionality. So, you need to be clear about what you need. If you have a CRM you would probably want the Sales Enablement Platform to be able to integrate with it, you might want LMS functionalities, content sharing options, order taking or something else. There is a chance you can find it in a Sales Enablement Platform, because Sales Enablement inherently is a cross-functional practice and some platforms, e.g. Napp, are very flexible and can be set up to fit and support your organization. If you would like to learn more about Sales Enablement, text us your thoughts and concerns and one of our Sales Enablement professionals will get in touch with you.

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