Before you can run, you need to walk. Ending up with a highly polished value chain is a slow process. So, before you optimize, you need to attract prospects.

Attraction in the business world takes many forms but remember that companies are built on people and what attracts people differs greatly according to location, culture, language, etc.

However, there are a few common denominators that break all barriers, cultural or otherwise. One, in particular, is service.

When two manufacturers with nearly identical products and pricing structure (e.g. Nike and Adidas) compete for a retailers attention, they are essentially looking for ways to add another link to their value chain and differentiate themselves from the competition. 

Apart from the products, the retailer‘s deciding factor often comes down to what services or additional values each manufacturer can offer the retailer.

Example of services held in high regards for any retailer are ones that support saving of time. 

That is why the Napp® team has worked hard to enable companies to enter the modern age of business by using mobile-first features of Napp® Sales Enablement to support their ever-growing value chain.  

Support your value chain and shorten the sales cycle with Napp®

One way to give your value chain a boost is to use the Napp® platform. Napp® consists of a desktop version and a mobile app. Napp® can integrate with your existing IT systems. 

This means that during client meetings, your sales representatives can hold the capabilities of your entire back office resources in the palm of their hand.

 Using the Napp® mobile app on a meeting, sales reps are able to quickly find and provide a retailer with all the updated product and shipping information a retailer could ever want.

Here are a few examples of what your sales reps can provide to a potential client with a moments notice:

  • A comprehensive list of your products with images and support materials
  • All product details (size, colors, additional info like brochures, leaflets etc.)
  • Product prices and stock information
  • Nearest factory with stock
  • And more to come

The Napp® Personal Sales App is designed to support and optimize your value chain. 

Among the many different benefits gained is the provision of an arsenal of sales tools. By leveraging these tools, Napp® enables your sales reps to create proposals on the spot and close deals faster than your competitors can.

There are few things as demotivating to sales representatives than putting a lot of time and effort into nurturing a client, only having the sale snatched away because the competitor was faster to close the deal. 

The solution to this issue is simple. Support your value chain and shorten the sales cycle with Napp® and the Napp® Personal Sales App.

Tired of lost sales? Napp® experts are standing by to guide you to faster sales and a stronger value chain. Contact us now for a free 30-minute demo of our platform in either Danish or English. 

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