We are welcoming a new client, SSP København. This organization is a cooperation between a number of professional groups, who work together to prevent crime among children and young people in Copenhagen. SSP København have initiatives all over the city to fight issues like theft, drug use, inappropriate social media behavior and much more. The initiatives are many, and all across Copenhagen they are implemented and adapted to fit every neighborhood.

SSP København publishes a variety of reports, folders and brochures with different themes and guidelines. The publications are targeted at different audiences, e.g. some are for the youth while others are for parents. Some publications are also translated to several languages to address non-Danish speakers.

SSP København has invested in Napp® to improve their digital communication and better organize and distribute their publications. In their case, with different publications for different audiences, Napp® is an ideal solution. The function “Access Groups” makes it easy for SSP København to grant specific access to content to specific groups of users. Moreover, Napp® will make all of SSP København’s content available in their own app. This makes it easier to get in touch with young people and parents, since it provides them with a convenient source of information. SSP København will even be able to send their users new information directly through the app by using Push Notifications.

We are very pleased to have SSP København aboard and we look forward to see them get started with easy, organized, digital publishing. If you want to know more about how Napp® can benefit your company, then please let us know by clicking here. If you wish to know more about our new client SSP København, click here.

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