What is a sales management system?

A sales management system is software that makes it easy for you to manage sales activities, collaborate and communicate across marketing and sales, collect insights and optimize sales performance.

There can be a variety of features in the sales management system that makes managing e.g. campaigns and promotion easier. A significant characteristic of the sales management system is that it enables performance management by collecting insights across sales teams and sales reps that can be utilized to increase the performance of low-performing teams and reps. In addition, a sales management system often allows for the integration of other systems used by your company to streamline processes and gather all information in one place.

Why does it pay off to invest in a sales management system?

It you have got more than just a handful of sales reps, it quickly becomes a mess to manage communication and collaboration, and the process can become very time-consuming and end up taking a lot of manpower both in the marketing and sales divisions. All the features of a sales management system described above might sound like an expensive solution, but consider these examples of pains that it addresses:

  • You have got 5 sales teams in 5 different countries, and they all need different campaign material sent to them on a monthly basis: In a sales management system you can define the roles of your sales teams and individual reps and thereby easily distribute the right content to the right people at the right time. In that way you can automate recurring tasks like these.
  • You can tell from your sales figures that some sales reps perform significantly better than others, but you have no idea why: A lot of data is gathered by the sales management system when your sales teams use it, and the system allows you to choose KPIs and benchmark performance to see what activities that make some reps perform better than others – valuable insights that can be applied to improve your sales.
  • You have got a CRM, a PIM and perhaps an ERP system too, and individually they are great, but they are not connected with each other, which results in a manual process of bringing information from one place to another: A sales management system makes it possible for you to integrate your existing systems and thereby automate information flows.

Since the sales management system takes care of distributing information and gathering insights, you can spend more time on the things that matter, like creating great content for promotion, campaigns and training that is adapted to boost the performance of your sales reps and in the end, increase your sales. To make a long story short, the sales management system pays off because it increases your sales while drastically reducing the time spent on e-mailing and calling.

Why do you need Napp®?

Napp® is a sales management system that is user-friendly and is tailored to handle clients with a large number of sales reps. Companies like manufacturers who need an overview of and a way to manage sales activities will benefit greatly from Napp® as it is a one-stop software for dealing with products, stock and sales performance.

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