During the last three months, the number of full time employees in Napp has tripled, and many exciting things has happened in terms of accelerating the growth of Napp®. Many new employees called for an initiative to strengthen the team spirit and a new setting for people to get to know each other. Over two days Milan provided the perfect environment for building the team while being productive.

Tuesday the 7th of November

After a regular day at the office the Napp team met in Copenhagen airport at 6 pm, ready and excited for the two days to come. At about midnight we arrived at our destination: the five-star hotel Château Monfort. With its beautiful interior, an impressive breakfast buffet and located near the city centre, Château Monfort was the perfect base for our adventures.

Wednesday the 8th of November

With a full program for the day, we got up at 7. At breakfast we were presented with the challenge of making 30 seconds Napp® pitches in three teams. We worked on this task while driving to the next stop: The Lake Como, a place that is known to be a holiday spot for the rich and famous and a blockbuster movie location. Assisted by two competent guides we went climbing and rappelling on rocks right by the lake. Few had tried it before, but everyone gave it a go and managed to impress both their colleagues and themselves by reaching impressive heights. This activity was a particularly great trust exercise, since those who climbed were secured by colleagues on the ground.

After climbing we went for lunch at the local brewery and restaurant Aqua Dulza, where we were treated with beer and local, seasonal dishes consisting of trout, polenta, chanterelles and pumpkins. In Aqua Dulza the 30 seconds sales pitches were presented and a winner was selected. All pitches were collected for future use as the task brought together people from development, sales and marketing and provided new, different and useful perspectives on the platform.

Thursday the 9th of November

Thursday began with breakfast at 8 am, followed by a platform development brainstorm in teams of two. Afterwards we checked out of our lovely rooms at Château Monfort and went to a place called “Secret Rooms” to compete in an escape game in three teams. Every team managed to crack the code and escape the room in time. This activity was both challenging and exciting because people needed to work closely together in a different way than they are used to in the office. Additionally, the task of solving riddles and finding patterns to escape the escape room truly proved the strength of bringing together different people with different mindsets.

In the afternoon we were ready to head back home to Copenhagen. The waiting time in the airport was utilized by rounding of our morning brainstorm with team presentations and feedback from co-workers. Again, all brainstorm material was collected since the exercise provided many new interesting takes and thoughts regarding the development of the company and the product.

Summing up, two days in Milan provided a change of scenery that fostered some creative teamwork and a great setting for teambuilding. The result is that people now know each other much better and we all got an enhanced understanding of our common purpose and the direction of the company. A team tour abroad does not need to be either pure fun and games or long days in a conference room. At least for us, the combination of boosting teambuilding through creative teamwork proved to be a great solution.

Here are a few pictures of the team climbing in the scenic landscape by the Lake Como.

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