1. Publishing software gives new opportunities for engaging customers

Publishing software will make your content come alive. In many ways, scrolling through a pdf file is much like turning the pages of your print content. With publishing software, you get access to a whole array of possibilities for making your pdf file more visually appealing and interactive. Pictures, video and links are some of the features of publishing software that will improve the foundation for increasing your customers’ engagement with your content.

2. Publishing software is compatible with different devices

Laptops, smartphones and tablets – your customers are available on several devices, hence you should make your content fit and adaptable. Publishing software allows you to do just that by suiting your publication and its features to any screen from which your customers might be accessing. Regardless of device or operating system, publishing software will allow you to connect content with all your online customers. Curious to know how? Call Napp at +45 42 42 80 60.

3. You get insights into consumer behaviour by using publishing software

A unique feature of using publishing software is the opportunities for gathering data on the users. Have you ever wondered how much time customers spend on reading your material or looking at certain pages? Well, no need to wonder anymore. With publishing software, you can track the behavior of users and get valuable information that can be used in improving your marketing and communication efforts.

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