The seminar was held with the intention of informing and focussing on the digitization and how to disrupte an organization or company. The digitalization is moving fast and companies and organizations of all sizes are becoming more digitalized and we want to be part of the growing change and help companies with the shift from offline to digital. Being able to identify customer requirements and show the customers how they can make the most of their publications, whilst having the ability to track their readers’ behaviour and enrich their content based on the tracking and interest. That is the essence of what we do and what we aim to obtain with our product.   

The aim with having a seminar of this kind is to create a bridge between Napp and our existing and potential customers in terms of expanding our network with interesting and relevant people and getting feedback and comments through a productive debate at the seminar with the participants. We want to create awareness about the digital publishing industry and get many more companies to join the fast moving digital evolution and we certainly want our customers' input on a seminar like this. Our customers have already welcomed our product and us and we emphasize maintaining strong customer relations with existing customers and aim to establish just as strong relations with new customers in order to enrich the digital publishing industry with our product.

We are in the future planning to arrange more seminars like our first due to the big interest and positive response. The topics will differ within the digital publishing industry and our product more specifically.  

By creating the Napp® product, we at Napp strive to offer an user-friendly app that allows the customer to gather and manage documents on one device and track the readers’ behaviour; by that enrich the customers content based on the tracking. Moving from print to digital can be a huge step but we are here to help. Our product is not only able to upload your PDF documents into the app but is also offering folders with pictures on, segmented PUSH-notifications, pictures in the text, links, videos and much more. 

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