How does Order Taking benefit you?

If your sales reps and customers place orders by calling the office and e-mailing back and forth with co-workers, then Order Taking in Napp is for you. As a tangible example of the problems that you can expect to solve with this new feature, we have a case with one of our clients, who is implementing Order Taking: This client has 4 people employed fulltime just to handle orders, and these people spend as much as 12-18 minutes placing a single order. They rely on typing in product names and SKUs manually when passing orders through the system, and as a result they experience that up to 15% of orders contain errors.

Order Taking in Napp addresses these ineffective processes by streamlining and automating order flows. It makes it faster and easier for you to place orders and manage orders, and fewer errors in orders will occur, because there is no need for manually typing in products and SKUs – you simply select the products in Napp and sync the information to your ERP. Plus, products and prices are segmented, so customers will not be able to order products that are not available to them and the prices will be adjusted to the customer in question.

The end result is that your sales reps can close the deal and place the order at the table instead of relying on communication with back-office. Plus, self-service makes it easier for everyone – both your sales reps, your customers and your back-office co-worker who manages the orders.

How does it work?

Order Taking in Napp is as easy as 1-2-3: Your sales rep or customer places an order in the app, a co-worker in the office reviews and approves it in the platform, and the sales rep or customer tracks the status of their order in the app. You can see how it works in the app in the video below.

This video and other step-by-step guides to Order Taking can be found here in our Help Center.

How do you get started?

If you are interested in simplifying your Order Taking process, then reach out to us to learn more about your options. This feature relies on integrations and allows for a great deal of customization, so chances are that Order Taking in Napp can be tailored to fit exactly your needs.

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