Form Builder

Form Builder is exactly what the name implies – a feature that enables you to build forms. These can be forms of any kind ranging from questionnaires to contact forms. Using Form Builder, you can get in touch with your users directly through Napp®, and the challenges of communicating via several channels are removed.

Deep User Tracking

This feature allows you to dig deeper into your users’ behavior: View how much time that is spent on which pages, what devices users are accessing from, how they journey through the publications and much more. These insights teach marketers the effectiveness of their content including how engaging the content is. Deep User Tracking allows adjustments and improvements of your publications using data.

Full Text Search

Full Text Search is a very user-friendly feature that enables search across all publications. With this feature, it is much easier for users to find what they are looking for. Users simply search for e.g. a product name and then the publications containing the given product name will be presented in the search results.

Push Inbox

Push Inbox is an inbox where all Push Notifications are stored. This feature is practical since it enables users to reread old messages. As a result, users will not lose messages after opening notifications and they have the option of reacting to messages at a later stage.

Form Builder, Deep User Tracking and Full Text Search are extensions that you can buy as supplements to the Napp® Professional, Napp® Enterprise and Napp® Custom packages, whereas Push Inbox is included in all Napp® solutions.

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