It’s not necessarily every reader who should receive the message or notification about a new document, product, offer, meeting, invitation and others. It can depend on the different departments, co-workers, the demographics such as age and geographics. So what if you could segment your push-notifications between these differences before sending the message?

Well now you can… and it’s called segmented PUSH. 

This gives you the opportunity to segment on categories such as:

  • Different departments and employees 
  • Reader behaviour 
  • Target groups
  • Demographics 
  • Others 

If a customer has different products on display in the Napp® app for external use, the reader can insert severel points of interests and choose which products he/she desires to receive push-notifications about. To segment within age demographics, the customer needs to provide the data about the readers' age. Once having this data, the segmented PUSH can be sent out. 

By having these options you can assure that the notification won’t go to waste or end up in the wrong hands and you can optimize and narrow down your content to avoid the risk of it becoming redundant.

Another new feature in the Napp® app is folder structure that enables you to add pictures instead of the basic folder icon, which gives you a more personalized and easy overview of your publications. Structuring the folders and giving the possibility of personalization with pictures is a huge advantage for sharing your publications and documents internally with your employees and externally with your readers. A result of this can be a higher co-worker satisfaction because of less confusion and a much better communication in your company, since you will achieve a much clearer overview of the folders. Also a better customer/reader behaviour can be reached, since the readers will be able to relate to the content because of the picture display, which can retain the customers and maintain their interest and attention to your product and digital publications. 

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