Diversa made a full assessment of Napp

Diversa specializes in testing digital services for accessibility and they advise companies on how to increase their web accessibility to reach more users [i]. After analyzing the Napp® Webviewer, Diversa wrote a report that summarizes the accessibility of Napp® judged on three parameters: users of screen readers, users of keyboards and contrast levels.

Users that are visually impaired can navigate via screen readers. In the Napp® Webviewer, screen readers can find and open documents, and download the original PDF document through the Webviewer. When it comes to users with motoric disabilities, they often struggle with using the mouse. Therefore, they normally use the keyboard to navigate. In the analysis, Diversa found that it is possible to operate the Napp® Webviewer via the keyboard.

For many elderly people, color contrast between text and background is required for them to be able to operate digital services and read text online. In the report, Diversa states that Napp® preserves the contrast ratio from original PDF documents, and that the user interface complies with the WCAG 2.0 standard. WCAG is an abbreviation of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines [ii]. It is an international accessibility standard consisting of a variety of guidelines that, when implemented, will make web content accessible to more people with disabilities. Diversa uses WCAG 2.0 in their work to ensure that clients live up to formal requirements.

What is next for Napp and WCAG?

In Napp, we care a great deal about diversity and equal opportunities, and therefore we aim to make our content accessible to all users regardless of disabilities or impairments. We are happy to read in the report that Napp® lives up to many of the requirements, but even more important and valuable is the advice that we got from Diversa, which can help us to continue to improve the accessibility of Napp®.

In the near future, we will be implementing the solutions that Diversa has suggested in the accessibility report and overall assessment of Napp. These include improving open-functions for both users of screen readers and keyboards and improving the color contrast in certain fields.

We continue to improve Napp® for the benefit of the users, but also for the benefit of our clients. Contact us here, if you want to know more about how the Napp® platform can help your company or organization.

Sources: Diversa [i] WCAG [ii]

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