Last Wednesday Napp teamed up with SkabelonDesign in their office at Østergade to present business insights for a small, exclusive crowd.

CEOs from both companies gave presentations, and first up was Jeppe Schytte-Hansen from SkabelonDesign. SkabelonDesign is specialized in developing Brand Management Tools and templates for Microsoft Office. At the seminar, Jeppe gave concrete advice on how to work with SkabelonDesign’s tools and effectively create corporate documents that are aligned with the company's brand.

After Jeppe from SkabelonDesign’s speech, Napp’s CEO Niklas Laugesen followed up with a presentation about digital distribution of publications. Specifically, Niklas talked about how you can optimize digital publishing by using the software platform Napp®.

Niklas began with addressing some challenges that most companies face: operating in a digital world where customers demand content that is mobile-first and more engaging. These are challenges that the conventional print catalog is unfit to address, whereas publishing software like Napp® is created to overcome them. Niklas pointed out additional benefits of Napp® like tracking and statistics on user behavior that can be used to optimize content. To round off his presentation, Niklas used the client cases Nordisk Ministerråd and Grohe to give authentic examples of how easy it is to employ Napp® in any organization.

Overall, the seminar was a successful event that bridged the practices of production and distribution and provided guidance on how to work with these practices in-house.

In the two pictures, you can see respectively Jeppe (1st picture) and Niklas (2nd picture) presenting.

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