It is not a secret anymore that print material has become outdated in sales encounters, but do you work strategically towards digitizing your field sales? Or do you just e-mail your sales rep a PowerPoint presentation when he/she is about to head out for a meeting? A mobile sales tool can enhance your field sales in multiple ways, and BCG even state that digitized channels improve productivity by a factor of five to seven. So, what are you waiting for? We have gathered some of the mobile sales tool must-haves here to show you how you can dramatically improve your field sales with mobile technology.

In brief, sales reps need their mobile sales tool to; give them access to sales material on all devices, gather all sales material in one place, provide customer data and insight, and allow them to sync data to other systems like your CRM via integrations.

Accessibility on all devices

Whether your sales reps prefer laptop, tablet or smartphone, make sure that they can find and use the sales material that they need in real time, when they are in client meetings. Easy accessibility is the basic rationale for using a mobile sales tool. You can find solutions for iOS apps, Android apps, Windows apps and web apps. Some vendors provide one, some provide all. The question is how your sales reps prefer to sell. When coming up with an answer, just have in mind that they all want simplicity and easy-to-use technology, and if they do not get that, then they are unlikely to start using your new mobile sales tool.

Everything in one place

A great mobile sales tool functions as a smart toolbox containing all the relevant sales material that your reps might need to show to prospects and clients in meetings. This could be e.g. presentations, case studies, brochures, price lists etc. No more jumping around tabs and drives to show different content to clients, just upload it all to your mobile sales tool, where sales reps can easily find it. In a study, BCG characterizes “The Finest Tools” in B2B sales as tools that provide a unified database and smart document management. The study showed that companies that are “digital champions” in B2B sales use such tools. So make sure that your mobile sales tool is able to handle all your sales material and not just some of it.

Customer data and insight

Your sales reps need to see clear benefits of usage in order to adopt any new technology. If you can provide them with specific and actionable customer data and insight, then they are undoubtedly more motivated to us their mobile sales tool in their everyday. This argument is also highlighted by McKinsey & Company, who state in an article that the best digital tools provide sales reps with the insights that they need. That means the data must not just be made available in a mobile sales tool, it must also be relevant to the individual sales rep.

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CRM integration

Integration is a key trait of a great mobile sales tool. Without the ability to be integrated with your other systems and processes it becomes yet another dearly bought IT solution, which sales reps must spend a lot of time and effort learning to use. Plus, it might have little or even a negative effect on productivity. Therefore, your mobile sales tool should be one that integrates with your CRM, ERP or other IT solutions to streamline work and encourage adoption. In a CSO Insights study only 24% of all respondents said that their CRM system significantly improves the productivity of salespeople. A main reason was lacking adoption, which again was a result of lacking integration of technology, process and methodology. Therefore, a mobile sales tool that supports your sales reps in the field should enable them to make updates to their CRM and/or ERP to ensure that both systems become embedded into their workflows and do not stand alone.

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