What is a learning management system?

A learning management system, or simply LMS, is software for managing online training. As the name suggests, this is a solution for putting learning into system, which often involves distribution of training material, tracking of use and reporting results.

There are plenty of learning management systems on the market fitted to almost every use. Some are made for educational institutions while others are suited for corporate training. The possibilities are many, and therefore factors such as the industry and size of your business should be taken into account, when choosing what learning management system is the right one for you.

How can the learning management system support performance management?

To realize the full potential of your learning management system, you can integrate it with performance management. When used right, the insights in your learning management system can increase the performance of the employees, sales personnel or partners who access your training.

How do you do that in practice? The answer is that the learning management system should do the majority of the tasks for you.

A whole lot of information is collected by the system, which can be structured in reporting and tell you what training sessions users are following and, maybe more importantly, what sessions they are not following, how well they have understood the training sessions etc. Combine that with your sales figures to see whether there are correlations between top-performing sales people and training completed, best selling products and product training completed etc.

The system can provide you with these valuable insights. Then you simply apply them in the improvement of training material, and utilize them to help your low-performing sales personnel engage in the training that they need to boost their performance.

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