Laracon EU is an annual, international Laravel conference with more than 750 attendees, who are mainly developers. Three days of workshops and talks provide the participants with the latest industry updates and create a unique setting for networking. Among the many prominent speakers at the conference this year one can mention Taylor Otwell – the founder and creator of Laravel. Laravel is a free, open-source framework for developing web applications and it is built on the programming language PHP.

The three Napp developers Mads Møller, Daxi Gudjonsson and Jon Nielsen travelled to Amsterdam last week to learn from and get inspired by the insights shared at the conference. After getting back from their trip, we asked Jon Nielsen, Chief of Engineering at Napp, to share some of his highlights from this year’s Laracon EU. Overall, he thought that the conference was a success:

“Laracon EU 2017 was great - seeing 750 nerds with the same passion as you is a great experience.”

This year's conference

Laracon is a developer conference, and therefore the talks are mainly focused on diving into complex technical matters. However, not all talks were purely technological, as Jon told us:

“Some speakers moved the focus away from the technology behind software development and talked about real life problems when doing project management. For example, a speaker talked about introducing the technique the "5 Whys", which improved business processes in the company by ensuring that people continuously dive into the issues behind delays.”

Jon pointed to these more practical talks as one of the highlights of the conference, because they gave more hands-on insights to the management of tech companies. In that way, the conference provided knowledge about both the technical matters of Laravel and the management of the tech. When considering what can be applied directly in the work with Napp®, Jon emphasized one talk:

“The short talk about the new version of Laravel will help us apply the new functionality faster.”

Laravel 5.5 was released during the conference days, and the creator of Laravel, Taylor Otwell, introduced the new features. The release of the new version was a great news story at the conference, and since Jon, Mads and Daxi already got well acquainted with it at Laracon, we may soon apply it in Napp®.

If you want to join Mads, Daxi and Jon at next year’s Laracon, now is your chance: We are currently looking for a PHP developer to join our team. Follow the link to get the details and to apply for the job.

The three pictures above are taken by Daxi Gudjonsson and show the Laracon EU 2017 venue.

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