Following up on meetings can be a time-consuming process. Especially if you would like to provide your prospect or client with a little more information than just a “thank you for a great meeting e-mail”. It often requires searching through content repositories to find that specific product list or sales presentation that you discussed during the meeting. And after sending the promised material to the receivers, you have no way of knowing whether they even opened the e-mail and viewed the material.

This is the issue that content sharing in Napp addresses. With the new sharing functionalities, you can easily and quickly collect and share the content in your Napp app with clients and prospects.

How does it work?

You mark the content in your app that you would like to share with one or more receivers via e-mail, and then you add a short message to go with the e-mail – simple as that.

Receivers get a unique link via e-mail that grants them web access to the content that you have chosen to share with them. They can even share it with their colleagues who get unique links as well.

When receivers access the content, you can view their activity in analytics related to that specific share. These analytics show you how many times receivers have accessed the content and how much time they spent viewing it.

Read more about how to use sharing in our Help Center.

How does it benefit the sales process?

We asked Anders Nørhaven, Business Development Manager in Napp, why content sharing is a useful feature in sales:

“Content sharing allows you to make better and faster follow-ups on meetings. You create a better buying experience for your prospects and clients by sharing content that is relevant to them and selected on the basis of their needs and interests that they expressed during your meeting.”

In that way content sharing is as much a benefit for your sales team as it is for your prospects and clients.

Anders Nørhaven adds to his statement that there are really four ways in which content sharing can benefit your sales process:

#1 It allows you to do easy and fast follow-ups, because you can quickly search and add content in Napp to a share.

#2 It creates relevance, because you can make a mix of content relevant to the individual client and accompany it with a personal message.

#3 It helps you to maintain the client’s interest, because you can follow up right away and keep the client engaged with a great web experience of your content.

#4 Finally, content sharing gives you insight into the clients’ interactions with the content, which informs you about whether they are interested, and what they are interested in.

If you would like to learn how content sharing can strengthen your sales process and perhaps have a chat with Anders Nørhaven, please contact us right here.

The gif below shows what content sharing looks like in the Napp app, and visualizes how it only takes a few steps to create a share and send it, and afterwards view the share analytics in Napp.

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