Rasmus Falck got Napp recommended through LinkedIn and GROHE is now using our Napp® application to manage their publications. The company is using Napp® for internal use but the plan is to expand for external use in the future – also to expand beyond borders. We are thrilled to witness a happy customer and wish to achieve just as strong relationships with all our customers like the one we have with GROHE. You can read the whole interview with Rasmus Falck below and we look forward to many more customer interviews in the future. 

When did you see the need for becoming digital with an app for your publications? 
Around the turn of the year.

How did you hear about Napp and our app Napp®?
Through LinkedIn where I posted a post and asked if anybody in my network could give me any recommendations and Niklas (Managing Partner, Napp) and Napp appeared.

Which challenges did you have before getting the Napp® app?
Well, we use it in a slightly different way since we use it for internal use. Basically we had some problems with our sales guys who couldn’t get a complete and clear overview of our publications so the app has helped a lot.  

How did you distribute your publications before getting the app?
With internal drives and we also tried dropbox. Otherwise by downloading documents from our website. (Both for internal and external people)

Which purpose does the app have for you?
To share internal documents in the company, like a sales tool. We had the need for an app where customer/visitors could gain easy information about all our products when meeting our sales guys. 

How many employees are using the app? (The whole company or only some departments?)
We are in the middle of expanding to all our employees and to the whole of Grohe Northern Europa, which approximately would mean 50-55 people, but several of our other markets (Grohe Northern East Europe) have seen the product and are positive about the idea of using it in the future.  

What do you think of the user experience of the app? 
It’s easy to use, easy to get a clear overview of our publications and it’s cool with the different features such as pictures on the folders.

Does the app live up to your expectations or do you miss any features/opportunities?
Basically it does. It’s missing some minor things that could give the fininal touch but that is under development with you guys at Napp and it's just small things.

Has the app made your daily work easier when handling your publications/documents?
Napp® is still a new thing for us, but eventually it will and it will in the future get much easier to create an overview of our sales documents internally. (When all our employees are using the app e.g.)

Compared to how you use to work with your publications before the app, are there any things that you can’t do with the app and still do the old way?
No, not really.

Do you know how much money was spent on print before getting the app?
Around 1-2 million DKK. is spent on print every year 
within the region (price lists, brochues e.g.) In the future we estimate to be able to downgrade the amount since we have the idea of using the app for external use as well.

Now that you are using the app, can you estimate how much money you have saved on print?
Our brochures for the year were already printed when we started using the app. We estimate that we won't have to print next year since we wish to use the app for external use. If we don't need to print we will save a decent amount of money.

Have you seen changes in your turnover after using the app?
No not yet since we started using the app recently.

Would you recommend the app to others?
Yes, definitely.

Anything else you want to mention?
Well, in the long term our plan is to expand to all of our markets (Grohe Northern East Europe), which equals 36 markets in total. (Northern Europe is 8 markets)

Thanks to GROHE and Rasmus Falck for a great interview and the positive feedback. 

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