Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing is critical to a learning environment but it can be difficult, especially in companies with dispersed teams in multiple locations. However, the functions of Napp® address this issue.

In Napp®, a group of users might be a sales team, and the publisher is likely to be someone from the marketing department. Every single user can be segmented and be described with a certain role. In that way, specific content can be distributed to specific users. The marketing department can tailor content to the relevant sales people and they can easily share the marketing content that is related to the activities of the sales force. Hence, Napp® simplifies knowledge sharing and strengthens the connection between marketing and sales.

Another example is employees that, in order to fulfill their tasks, need to follow specific procedures. Instead of having guidelines in e.g. hard copy or on an intranet, the employee can download the Napp® App and get access to all the relevant guides and manuals on their mobile device.

In practice, this is done by sharing e.g. input to sales strategy, presentations for meetings or manuals through Napp®. This will create a closer connection between the different teams, save a lot of time and increase efficiency. An additional benefit is that documents always are updated and therefore continue to stay relevant.

Content optimization

Improved knowledge sharing lays the foundation for optimizing your content. Evaluating the usage of the publications should inform the creation and improvement of content. In practice, this means that the usage of publications is tracked by Napp®. This data shows what pages are viewed most often and for how long, what links are clicked, what videos are viewed etc. Hence, the data informs publishers how the content performs. This knowledge can be used to improve sales material further, maybe reorganize content, put it together in new ways or include new kinds of content.

Overall, marketing, sales, HR, product development etc. can use the data gathered by Napp® to gain insights into the practical work of the sales team, share insights and to improve content. Then when something new has been added or details have been adjusted in the publications, publishers can notify the relevant users immediately by sending out Push Notifications.

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