Data is continuously being collected around us both online and offline. It is the data cities collect on traffic, the social media usage, and the information your telecommunications company collects on your phone usage and location. 

It is being collected swiftly and generates enormous amounts of information that companies can use. The saying ‘knowledge is power’ is useful in the context of Big Data. 

Big Data is a large power source for organisations. Thus, organisations that collect, and take advantage of it can develop a competitive advantage in several fields. Data can enable better decision-making, optimize operations, create a new organisational culture, and it can lead to an increase of revenue or new sources of profit generation. By using Big Data, it becomes easier for companies to position themselves in relation to their customers and therefore make new or improved targeting strategies, and it may also reveal insight in new areas the businesses should invest in. 

The number of possibilities data provides is countless, which is partly the reason for the increased demands of insights and the growing popularity of it. Big data is the synonym of knowledge, and with it, more confident and successful business decisions and strategies can be made, which will provide a new base for innovation and productivity growth, and possibly a competitive advantage.

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