A recent survey made by Microsoft shows that people’s attention spans have decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013 due to the increase of information volume and accessibility (Microsoft attention spans, 2015), which means that a person must instantly be attracted by content and layout, as people glance through online pages quickly by looking for keywords. The survey gives digital publishers an incentive to develop and accommodate their strategies, and create more engaging contents and attractive layouts. By making your product catalogue stand out it is possible to improve user activity. 

A study from Northumbria University, Newcastle (2004) shows that 94% of people’s impressions are design related. This means a website’s layout, headlines, and subhead lines are essential to create a good impression. Likewise, usage of images, videos, audio, colour and typography makes the reader stay, as it is visually pleasing. Having a clean, simple and intuitive design will increase your user activity and the time spent on your page. 

Furthermore, always have the target audience in mind. Identify who you want to reach and how, and determine what your users perceive as valuable, their interests, and needs. By doing this you can create relevant information for your current and future users. The last thing we recommend is always remembering to have an offer ready. After the product catalogue is published its mission is to create leads. Thus, make sure you have offers. Without offers there will be fewer sales and less goal achievement. 

Improve user activity in your product catalogue by tracking users

Napp® provides the feature of advanced user tracking and analytics of your users. This enables you to glean information, which you can use to optimize your content and design to increase user activity; time spent on pages, number of users and potentially more leads. We offer a range of features for the digital product catalogue as crisp-clear text, graphics, audio and videos that can aid your optimization processes. If you have more questions about Napp® and the potential of your product catalogue, please get in touch with us 

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