#1 Sales reps do not achieve their quota

Perhaps the most evident sign that you need to improve sales productivity is that your sales reps do not achieve their quota. If your quota is not overly ambitious, then you need to dig deeper into this matter, and investigate why your sales reps fail to reach it. The underlying explanation is likely to be connected to the two following signs of lacking productivity: too much time spent on administrative tasks and too complex sales processes.

#2 Sales reps spend too much time on administrative tasks

Looking into time management is critical in order to diagnose your sales productivity. Your sales reps are obviously the most productive when they spend time on activities that generate sales. But research has shown that sales reps often spend as little as 22% of their time selling. So, figure out how your sales reps spend their time. You might be surprised to find that they spend a disproportionate amount of time on administrative work and too little time selling, which of course makes it hard for them to reach their quota.

#3 Sales processes are too complex

You are likely to experience a decrease in sales productivity, when processes become more complex. And sales processes have inevitably become more complex in present years: Buyers can seek out in information about your products and services in multiple places, and their buying journeys are often different and unpredictable. In addition, sales reps get more and more technologies that they must juggle in their everyday. Therefore, take a good look at the methods, tools and technologies that your sales reps use in their everyday. If they are not well embedded, do not support your sales reps and do not make their lives easier, then processes are too complex and damage productivity.

Improve sales productivity with sales enablement

A sales enablement platform like Napp can improve sales productivity by making your sales reps’ everyday easier. According to Tamara Schenk from CSO Insights “sales enablement content solutions (stand-alone, or within the CRM) have a remarkable impact on sales productivity.” The reason for this is that gathering sales material in one place and giving sales reps easy access to it, enable them to quickly locate the content they need in encounters with prospects, leads and clients, and it saves them a lot of time.

Besides providing sales teams with a user-friendly sales content library, Napp also comes with segmentation, stock lookup, order taking and CRM integration, which altogether streamline the whole sales process. Read more here or book a demo to get a tailored introduction to Napp that suits your needs.

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