#1 Use data to create a tailored up- or cross-sale

Like in any other client meeting, preparation is key when you are about to negotiate a deal. Therefore, use your knowledge about the client and the data e.g. in your CRM to create the most relevant proposal to that specific client. Rather than suggesting your standard solution, harness your previous history and interactions with the client to increase the sales volume. A current client may show potential to move up a tier, purchase an extension to their current solution or a complimentary product. Skilled sales reps are able to challenge both new and current clients and suggest new solutions to their problems that they have not thought of themselves. Therefore, apply your team’s sales skills in combination with data to successfully create relevant proposals that increases up- and cross-selling.

Just remember to keep a value-based selling approach in order to ensure that the proposal do not just increase your sales volume but that it first and foremost generates value for the client.

#2 Make the first offer and aim high

If you make the first offer, the deal is more likely to turn out to your advantage. That is not just a claim - there is actually a psychological explanation to it: As explained in this Harvard Law School post, you utilize the anchoring bias by making the first offer. This means that the following counteroffers and negotiation will unconsciously be based on or “anchored in” the first offer that you made.

Building on the above, it makes sense that you start out with a high offer – but not so outrageously high that the client backs out of the negotiation. Another Harvard Law School post about the anchoring effect highlights a study, which showed that negotiators who set higher goals outperformed those who set lower goals.  So, dare to make a bold first offer, and you should be able to reap the reward when the deal is signed.

#3 Make an offer they cannot refuse

When the client is a little hesitant towards the proposal you have made, then make an offer they cannot refuse. There are variety of ways you can do this; you can e.g. bundle products at a discounted price or offer an exclusive time-limited price on the solution. Maybe you need to make a pilot or offer some guidance or workshops at your own expense to make them feel comfortable, safe and sure that they will achieve success with your solution. A general piece of advice is to make a low-risk or no-risk offer to win over the client’s trust and increase sales volume.

How to increase sales volume in client meetings with Napp

Napp is a Sales Enablement platform that helps your sale reps become more productive and effective – especially in the client meeting. In Napp, you upload all your sales material and segment distribution to make it accessible to the relevant sales reps on their mobile device. Sales reps can share material with clients in meetings, and Napp then tracks the clients’ interaction with the shared material. This informs sales reps about the clients’ interests so they can make tailored proposals and suggest relevant cross- and up-sales. Moreover, Napp provides a smooth ordering process that allows both sales reps and clients to order products directly in the app. This creates a great buying experience and allows sales reps to close the deal at the table. Request a tailored demo of Napp today and learn more.

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