The market for sales technologies is a jungle and it seems that the only common denominator for the vendors is that they all promise increased sales. Therefore, you must tread carefully when selecting the right solution for your company. Otherwise you quickly end up having several solutions that all call for your sales team’s attention and time. And that damages productivity as well as your wallet.

Therefore, you need to identify what technologies that best support your sales processes and best help your sales reps in their everyday. For that purpose, we have made this overview of some of the most popular technologies for boosting sales performance and a brief description highlighting how to improve sales performance with them.

#1 CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems handle your relationships with leads, prospects and clients. It gives you an overview of your pipeline and the stages of your sales process to help you ensure that no deals are forgotten but addressed in a timely and appropriate manner that helps to speed up the sales process.

#2 ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology handles business functions like order processing, sales, procurement, inventory management and finances. It gathers these internal functions to enable more effective management of your resources.

#3 Sales Automation

Sales Automation is technology that automates sales tasks to ease the administrative burden on your sales reps and free up their time for selling. This can be done with templates for e-mail follow-ups, automated reporting, calendar syncing and more.

#4 Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence refers to technologies that gather data about new leads and prospects and provide insights that help sales reps better address their opportunities and hence sell more and sell faster.

#5 Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement technology helps align your marketing and sales department to ensure that your sales reps in the field are supported with relevant content in all encounters with prospects and clients. This both makes the job easier for the marketing staff as they can manage content, and it most certainly makes life easier for the sales department, because they can easily find all the information that they need to close the deal in one place.

Some of the technologies above overlap in the sense that if you choose a large vendor like Oracle, SAP or Microsoft, they most likely offer more of the technologies. However, a large vendor most often also charges a higher price, whereas a small vendor that only addresses the bare minimum of your technical requirements is likely to provide a cheaper solution. As already mentioned, finding the right solution is a matter of finding something that suits your sales process.

How to improve sales performance with Napp

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