You can always improve sales productivity and find new ways to optimize your workflows and better support your sales reps. To a large extent, increasing sales productivity relies on freeing up your sales reps’ time for selling and making sure that they are effective in sales encounters. This can be done in a number of ways and below we have gathered the top 6 advice in 6 steps.

#1 Know your ideal customer profile

The foundation for initiating effective sales processes is to ensure that you have a well-defined profile of your ideal customer and that your sales team knows it. This is a prerequisite for effective prospecting: When your sales reps are certain of which customers to seek out and which deals to pursue, they will not waste time on deals with no potential. It is factors like industry, geography, revenue, number of employees, pain points and objectives that you can use to define your ideal customer profile.

#2 Schedule activities

Effective time management can do a great deal for sales productivity. Data shows that sales reps only spend 35% of their time selling and the rest of the time on activities that do not actively generate sales. If you can increase that percentage, you increase the likelihood of hitting your sales quota.

An often-used example is e-mails. They drop in throughout the day and interrupt you and your sales team when performing other tasks. The solution: Batch the time you spend reading and answering e-mails e.g. to half an hour in the beginning of the day and half an hour at the end of the day. Then you can devote your time to the tasks you are performing and minimize the number of interruptions. Besides increasing productivity, scheduling activities will give you an overview of how much time certain tasks require and whether you focus on the tasks that matter the most.

#3 Automate manual tasks

Automate tasks and increase sales productivity – simple as that. If you automate the time-consuming, manual, administrative tasks that most likely take up too much of your sales reps’ time, you will grant your sales reps more time with prospects and clients. This requires that you implement technology in your sales activities, which you can read more in our article How to improve sales performance with 5 different technologies.

#4 Put effort into onboarding

Spending time on onboarding new sales reps will help you out in the long run. Properly introducing sales reps to your processes and best practices prevents them from getting into bad routines and behavior that is hard to change later on. Therefore, get new sales reps off to a good start with a thorough onboarding process.

#5 Align sales and marketing

Lacking alignment between sales and marketing is counterproductive. When you are not on the same page and poorly communicate and collaborate, it shows on the bottom line. Often it becomes evident in lead generation and content creation, as MQLs are not properly handed over to sales, sales do not find MQLs relevant, sales reps cannot find the content they need, sales reps spend time creating their own content etc. Therefore, sales and marketing alignment is an important factor to consider when figuring out how to increase sales productivity.

#6 Encourage, praise, celebrate

A really simple but effective way to boost the productivity in sales is to celebrate your wins as a team and show your appreciation to individual sales reps when they do well. There are numerous ways to do this, e.g. with team events, a trophy passed around each month to the top sales rep, motivational rewards etc. The challenge here is to find out what motivates your sales team and best encourages them to be productive at work.

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