The two-digit million investment

In June we reached a landmark when we signed the papers and secured a two-digit million investment from Promentum Equity Partners – a capital fund specialized in providing capital and guidance to growing technology businesses.

The investment has impacted our business from day one and it will be vital for the continuous development of the company for many years to come. Specifically, the investment is accelerating the growth of Napp® and our expansion to foreign markets. We already feel the difference with a strengthened team, an enhanced product and new clients.

New clients and projects

We are always excited about new clients, and 2017 has brought many great projects our way.

Among new Napp® clients we would like to give you a few highlights. We are proud to mention SSP København (SSP Copenhagen), who work to prevent crime among kids and young people in Copenhagen, and Dansk Brygmester Forening (The Danish Brewers’ Guild), an association of Danish Brewmasters. These two clients benefit from enhanced and digitized communication with their stakeholders via Napp®. SSP Copenhagen publishes a variety of brochures and informational content that is easily segmented, and The Danish Brewers’ Guild publishes the largest brewery trade magazine in the North.

We have worked with DDB (Denmark’s Digital Libraries) throughout 2017 on two projects: A library app and the website Litteratursiden. Both projects were very focused on creating a User Experience that fosters interaction and engagement.

Another interesting website project that we took on was creating a new website for Justt. Justt is a purchasing association that negotiates deals for its members, and their website needed an update.

The online bookshop Saxo wanted a new app for E-Books and Audio Books with features like tracking and encrypted content. The main goal, was an improved User Experience. The result was a new and more stable Saxo Read platform with a high level of user satisfaction, 60% more users and a 37% increase in reading time.

In another project for Erik Bagger Furniture we built a new, mobile-optimized Magento webshop that since its implementation has increased sales in the company. If you want to hear more about Napp® or other Napp app and web projects, then feel free to reach out to us – we are always ready to chat.


This year has been full of inspiring events both at home and abroad. It is important for us to stay updated on news in the tech industry and always be at the forefront of the development. Therefore, attending relevant tech events is something that we prioritize.

In February we exhibited at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which is the world’s largest mobile event. This venue was a great place to network and display Napp® among likeminded professionals. In August three of our developers went to Laracon EU in Amsterdam to get the latest and greatest news about our beloved Laravel framework straight from some of the most knowledgeable people in the field.

In September our CEO Niklas Laugesen and our CTO Mads Møller, the two co-founders, went to Tech BBQ, a startup summit in Copenhagen. The same month our product designer Signe Roswall attended Design Matters, also here in Copenhagen. Our Lead Mobile Developer Mads Kleemann went to Verona to attend Pragma Conference in October, which is an Italian iOS/macOS/watchOS/tvOS developer conference. Niklas and Mads Møller also dropped by Helsinki in November to attend the conference Slush – the world’s leading startup event.

Below is a picture of our Executive Digital Advisor Steen Guttman and our Mobile Developer Jakob Mikkelsen at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and a picture from Slush in Helsinki.

Not only have we attended a variety of exciting events all over Europe, we have also hosted events in our home city Copenhagen. We have held several successful seminars this year. Among others a seminar in June with Dansk Markedsføring, Rosendahls and Dreamtech5. The topic were going from print to digital publishing and on to Virtual Reality and how these fields relate to each other. In October we made a seminar with SkabelonDesign and Peytz og Co. about effective digital communication, which was hosted by IT-Branchen (The Danish ICT Industry Association).

October was also the month where our marketing team went to Career Day at CPH Business, an educational establishment in the heart of Copenhagen, to look for new marketing interns and showcase the opportunities and benefits of Napp as a workplace.

Awards and press

In September we got the happy news that we for the second year in a row have received Børsen’s Gazelle Award. We are very proud to be one of the Gazelles of 2017 as the these are companies who have proven to be on a path of great growth.

Below is a picture of our two Gazelles and a picture from the Gazelle Award show which was held in December.

Receiving recognition for what we do means the world to us, and various Danish media have had a talk with our CEO Niklas Laugesen over the year about the growth of Napp and Napp®. Børsen interviewed Niklas for the investment announcement, and you can read the story here. The Danish, online, tech media Techsavvy interviewed Niklas about talent acquisition and keeping the innovation in Denmark – read his insights here. Dansk Markedsføring, the largest Danish association for marketing professionals, interviewed Niklas about seizing the many opportunities that the fast-paced digital development offers. Read the story here.

The office

The Napp headquarters has undergone incredible changes since we are growing in numbers. To make room, we have torn down walls and our basement has received a thorough redecoration: We have created an additional meeting room and our dining room has received a makeover. Altogether these changes make a very pleasant work environment and we are convinced that nice surroundings further the productivity.

Our new dining room is shown in the pictures below.

With an increasing number of people in the office it becomes ever more important to make time for socializing and teambuilding to strengthen the team spirit and create a great atmosphere at work. In 2017 we have made activities like a croquet tournament at the office, a miniature golf tournament, a BBQ day, a trip to Tivoli (as can be seen in the picture in the top) and a team tour to Milan.

Below is a picture from our croquet tournament and two pictures from our trip to Milan.

Head over to our Instagram profile to see even more pictures of our daily life at the office.

New faces

The number of full-time employees has tripled over the year, and we are very happy to see a lot of talented and passionate people join the Napp® team. See who the newcomers are in the pictures below, and look at our profile on The Hub if you want to be featured here next year.

Napp® and Sales Enablement

We at Napp continue to develop and grow and so does our platform Napp®. From being a publishing platform, Napp® has evolved to a Sales Enablement platform in 2017. This does not mean that Napp® becomes redundant for current clients – on the contrary. Napp® has been upgraded to comprise even more features, uses and benefits, which only enhances the current users.

As a Sales Enablement platform, Napp® makes all sorts of communication between marketing teams, sales teams and clients easier. Campaigns and reports are easily managed and sales professionals get an overview of sales reps' activities and performance. These insights can be applied to other sales reps to increase performance and boost sales.

In the future we aim to apply Machine Learning to the platform to intelligently automate more processes and make Napp® even smarter.

New website

An updated platform requires an updated website, and therefore was redesigned by Signe, our brand-new product designer. Everything from colors to layout and over to content has been changed, and we are very satisfied with the result.

In addition to redesigning the website, we have built a completely new space for a Help Center. Emil, who is part of our customer success team, took charge of this project and spoke to several clients in support to conceptualize a Help Center that was fitted to Napp® and the needs of our clients.

In the Help Center clients and curious readers can find articles and guides about everything that is Napp® related. If you cannot find the answer to your question, we encourage you to simply ask your question in the chat, which is found in the lower right corner on the website. Then we will help you out and make sure that the matter in question is added to the Help Center. After all, solving problems is at the very core of our business, and it continues to be our most important task going forward.

Summing up, 2017 has been a great year, and we are very excited to see what 2018 brings.

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