First of all, one might ask why a Napp® Help Center was even needed? We forwarded that question to Emil, who is part of the Napp® Customer Success Team:

“Simply put, our clients deserve the best service available. Furthermore, a high level of support has become the global standard for any successful SaaS product providers. To keep in line with the global standards, the Help Center was not a question of why, it was simply a question of when, and the answer is now.”

How do you get started?

When the very process of making the Help Center began, various other websites were researched and benchmarked to find a best practice. Our designer Signe was not only taking care of the aesthetics but also the content structure. She especially focused on ensuring a user-friendly design:

“The main focus when designing the Help Center was to make it as easy as possible for our visitors to find the answers they need – fast and intuitively.”

But what answers are our users looking for? That quickly emerged as a central question in the content creation phase. In this regard, the communication platform Intercom became the starting point. With Intercom, Napp employees can chat with clients on both the website and inside the Napp® platform. To figure out what categories and what specific articles that was needed in the Help Center, the questions asked in Intercom were categorized. It turned out that many clients had similar questions and that similar answers could be given to different clients. Signe explains:

“So in a way, the problems of our clients actually ended up helping us out, which is great! We are happy and very lucky to have great clients asking tons of questions – they are the very foundation of our new Help Center.”

Who does a Help Center benefit?

Regarding the use of the Help Center, we asked Emil what the expected benefits are. He tried to come up with a short answer:

“In simple terms it is a win-win-win-situation. It is a win for our current Napp® clients, since our Help Center makes their lives easier by giving them access to high quality articles, guides and videos teaching the use and possibilities of Napp®.

It is a win for our potential clients, because the Help Center is where they can gather information, which is an essential step in a buying process. Furthermore, getting to know the product in a non-invasive manner is often a preferred first step for those who initially do not want to commit to talking with a sales agent.

Lastly, it is a win for the Napp® Customer Success Team because it increases the level of service we are able to provide. This increases our competitive advantage, which ultimately results in satisfied, motivated and highly engaged users. It is also a source of inspiration since clients and visitors can suggest improvements.”

Summing up our learnings, the objective of the Help Center is to provide the best customer service and therefore user-friendliness is key. Listening to our clients is the basis for the content creation, and the result is beneficial for both clients, potential clients and the people who work in Napp.

The Help Center is now visible on our website and it can be accessed via this link. New articles will continuously be uploaded as we learn what users are looking for. You are more than welcome to contact us with requests, just click on the blue chat icon in the lower right corner and text us.

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