A study from the it-media Silicon.com shows that three out of four companies (appr. 75 %) do not have an accurate indication of how much money is spent on printing, nor do they know how much time it takes the employees to actually print.

Besides the large unknown budget used on printing the companies also face challenges when a printed document needs to be changed. This could be a change of information in price lists or product catalogs. Furthermore, the sales person has to carry and remember a lot of different printed documents and he/she also has to carry a laptop if relevant digital work has to be presented at the meeting. This could be video materials, power point presentations and/or infographics. 

The sales person also has to stay updated on new information from the company and if he/she has an excessively work load one small information can easily slip through and therefore miss the printer and consequently the next meeting in a printed version as often required in many companies as for now. By all means, it takes the employees a lot of time and money to ensure and distribute all the documents in a printed version. 

Napp® wish to handle these problems by offering the sales person and all other employees an easy and simple solution which gathers all documents on one device. This will result in significant savings on printing and likewise save the employees a lot of time. 

Thus, the sales person won’t have to carry the heavy briefcase around but will be able to assemble all documents on one device, which will have an extremely efficient and effective effect when participating in meetings out of the office. 

The app that Napp offers, is an extremely easy way for the customer to become digital and stay informed and we strive after making it simple and manageable for the user. By allowing the customer to track the reader’s user behavior and edit the content based on this information. With different features such af segmentated PUSH-notifications and pictures on folders, the product is simple to use and gives a clear and personal overview of your publications. 

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