Digital versions as a supplement for your printed version could significantly increase your distribution and help you connect more closely with viewers.

Annual reports are infrequently read page-to-page and cover-to-cover and people increasingly demand their information in bite-sized chunks instead of receiving one large heavy-read document that has to be read from a-z.

By digitizing your annual report, you will not only give your readers the opportunity to scroll and view the report in a easier and more foreseeable way, you will also give them the opportunity to view the annual report from any device at any time. This means more efficiency due to the fact that the report can be viewed faster on a tablet, rather than having to pull out a computer. A digital version gives the readers a more interactive experience because of the many features such as embedded media, segmented push, statistics, tracking, print/email, zoom and much more. This moves your readers from passive recipients to empowered participants because they can take control of where and how they wish to read your document. 

In most cases, digital versions will allow you to measure exactly how people are interacting with your content so you can further refine marketing and communications to make them more personal and to increase revenue. 

With so much executive time and energy invested in it, your annual report or review is more than a constitutional document; it’s your company’s key marketing tool. With a variety of digital options available, you can really make the most of it and Report Capital can definitely help you with stepping up your annual report game.

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