Pam Didner’s entry into Sales Enablement

Pam Didner has years of experience as a marketing manager in Intel among others, and throughout the years she has experienced firsthand the difficulties but also opportunities that collaboration across the organization offers. For her it was the crossfire between marketing and sales that got her interested in sales enablement:

“I supported direct and indirect sales as a marketing manager for several years. My job was to work closely with the sales teams and provide them with the necessary content and use marketing activities to accelerate sales efforts.”

Bridging the gap between marketing and sales is a central purpose of employing a sales enablement strategy. Pam Didner herself has a very holistic perspective on business administration and knows how sales enablement can come into play in that regard. Therefore, we asked her when and how sales enablement can make a positive difference to the organization:

“Sales enablement is very beneficial in complex sales, e.g. in the sale of technology, when education, training and persuasion is necessary to help prospects make a purchase decision. In complex sales, sales reps need to be educated and equipped with relevant knowledge, tools, and processes to sell. Briefly put, sales enablement is a matter of helping sales reps so that they can help customers to make a purchase decision.”

As a follow-up, we asked Pam Didner what successful sales enablement looks like, but the truth is, she says, that every company might have different definitions of sales enablement, and therefore different definitions of success. She explains that what really matters is that the success metrics are tied to objectives and overall business goals.

The need for a new Sales Enablement book

Pam Didner’s first book “Global Content Marketing” was named one of the top 10 marketing books of 2014 by Inc. Now she has released her second book “Effective Sales Enablement”, which provides unconventional insights into how sales and marketing can work better together. In recent years sales enablement has become quite a buzzword and there has been written several books about the subject. Therefore, one our immediate questions was: why did Pam Didner find that there was a need for another sales enablement book? She tells us:

“Most of the sales enablement books on the market are written by sales professionals, sales trainers, or sales consultants. This book is written for marketers by a marketer.”

Thereby Pam Didner’s book “Effective Sales Enablement” provides a needed perspective on the practice, since sales enablement after all is a matter that involves marketers as much as it involves sales professionals.

A key message that Pam Didner wishes to convey in her book is that there are many ways in which marketing can support sales beyond delivering marketing qualified leads (MQLs):

“As a marketer, you can map selected marketing content to the relevant sales stages. You can collaborate with sales on account-based marketing. You can utilize different marketing strategies (event marketing, co-marketing etc.) to accelerate sales engagement. It is a matter of working closely with sales and helping them connect different dots.”

If you find it hard to connect the dots between marketing and sales in your company and would like to get more insights and advice from Pam Didner herself, then sign up for our webinar December 4th, 14:00 CET. In this webinar, Pam Didner will provide you with three creative ways to improve sales and marketing alignment. The 20 registrants who are the first to sign up and show up will also get a free copy of Pam Didner’s new book “Effective Sales Enablement”.

We would like to thank Pam Didner for the interview. We are very much looking forward to the collaboration and our upcoming webinar.

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