These single-drives and intranets are not always the easiest to cope with and most of the companies and organizations do not structure the drives due to lack of time. But is it even possible to organize them?

It’s hard to believe that organizing internal documents can be a challenge for these large, medium sized and small companies and organizations but unfortunately it's the truth. All the hundreds, if not thousands internal documents are scattered to the winds and you have to look far for a so-called folder-structure. This is affecting the employees who occasionally attempt to structure the folders themselves hoping no other employee will change the structure when accessing the drive later on. It’s taking the employees too much time when he/she has to look through the folders in search of the needed document or the right folder for uploading documents. Another problem can be the fact that a lot of the documents are uploaded in the wrong format or version and if an employee has to access the company’s intranet outside work hours it often has to be done through a VPN connection, which can be a bit of a hassle.

But what if the employees could have all the relevant and needed documents in one place, on one device with an easy access where no VPN connections, single drives or tricky intranets are necessary?

The answer to this problem is called Digital Publishing

By using Digital Publishing the companies can get a complete and simple solution that structures the different documents, which means that the employees always have the documents in handy when needed. 

Digital Publishing makes it easy for the companies to target documents towards the different departments within the company and offers an exceptional folder structure. This will not only mean that the employees can acquire the needed and relevant documents in an easy way but also save time. Time costs money, single drives and intranets costs time – so why not save time by using Digital Publishing and therefore save money?

Napp offers the product Napp®, which is an easy and simple way to make the company’s publications digital. Napp® contains different features such as folders, push messages and user knowledge based on tracking. These features will enable the company to handle the different documents in an easy way.

All it takes is uploading the PDF files to the app and as simple as that the user has gone digital with a publication.

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