Digital disrupters are changing the way companies work, how they communicate with clients and business partners and how they earn money, which can be quite a challenge if the companies don’t try to follow the digital pace.

Uber, Airbnb, Netflix and Amazon are probably the greatest examples when it comes to digital disrupters. Their business models and their way of making complex businesses simple have and are challenging and changing the large well-established companies and industries. 

The digital disrupters and a lot of start-ups share the mindset of “keeping it simple”, which means they are revolutionizing the old school heavy business models. They see potential businesses with a different perspective and are not relying on the ordinary business model.

“What if we use private houses and apartments when people are not home? What if we just use our own cars to transport others around?”

The “digital masters”, which are companies using digital technology, mobile devices, social media, the cloud and analytics are seeing “digital” as an opportunity to transform and keeping track with the digitalization and not as a technological challenge. These “digital masters” are not companies in only the tech industries but are companies in all sorts of industries that search for ways to use today’s fast-developing technologies in order to transform the way they do business to generate more revenue.

The “digital masters” should be considered as role models for other companies, whether it’s updating the company’s OS, enhancing the company’s website’s UX, reconsidering the old school business model or using mobile devices, cloud based solutions or/and new digital applications. These challenges that should be seen as positive changes for the companies who may be lacking a bit on the digital front and can and will only be a huge benefit for the companies. 

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