What is a content management platform?

A Content Management Platform or Content Management System (CMS) is software that allows you to manage, edit, distribute and present content. Practically, you upload or create content in your CMS, which then displays it to users e.g. on your website or in your app. The three most popular CMS solutions on the market are WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal. These are mainly known as web CMSs for displaying content to website visitors, however, in this post we are looking closer at content management platforms that strengthens collaboration inside the organization.

3 ways a content management platform aligns sales and marketing

Content management is essential to sales and marketing alignment, because the marketing department most often creates the content that the sales department uses in encounters with leads, prospects and clients. Therefore, alignment begins with a well-organized sales content library, and you will get just that with a content management platform.


A content management platform enables you to make the right content available to the right people at the right time. Availability is key for sales reps in the field, who need to get easy and quick access to sales presentations, price lists and more. A content management platform most often comes with access control and targeting features, which help the marketing team to effectively place new, relevant, updated content directly into the hands of sales reps.


One thing is to connect sales and marketing by making content available. Another thing is to gather insight from content usage. A content management platform will track how users view content and provide content managers with analytics. This allows marketing to learn from sales reps’ usage of content in their work and apply those insights in the creation and optimization of content.


A content management platform boosts productivity simply because sales reps will spend much less time searching for the material that they need, and marketing will spend their time on content that matters in sales encounters. I.e. the content management platform informs marketing about what works, and it informs sales reps about what is new and relevant. In that way it allows both sales and marketing to work smarter and aligns the two departments.

Content management with Napp

Napp is a Sales Enablement platform that comes with the best of the content management platform: It enables you to effectively manage all sales material in one platform and make it available to sales reps both in an app and on web. Additionally, Napp helps to align sales and marketing with segmentation and with engaging features like Push Messages and Content Sharing. Contact us if you would like to learn more about content management and sales enablement with Napp.

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