CBP employs 100 people and has an annual turnover of more than 430 million DKK (65 million USD). They specialize in providing ingredients and bakery solutions to the food industry and to manufacturin companies. CBP uses Napp® for publishing their digital publications.

We asked Susanne Bentsen, which challenges CBP faced in relation to publishing before using Napp®:

“The big challenge in publishing is the content creation – it takes a lot of time and coordination.”

Coordination seems to be a general challenge in CBP’s online marketing initiatives, Susanne Bentsen explains:

“We have different corporate websites used by partners and clients. We also run an YouTube channel with the purpose of creating a “how to”-universe. In addition, our products are sold online in our webshop, and being a part of a group like Orkla we also have an intranet that works across all our entities. We work with newsletters too, and we use Google Analytics to get insights.”

What makes Napp® right

Orkla ASA owns CBP and is the Nordic Region's leading supplier of branded products and concept solutions for the retail industry. When communicating across business units in Orkla and CBP, structure and coordination are crucial.

These challenges are the main reason of why CBP decided to use Napp®:

“The Napp® platform was an easy to use product that we could effortlessly start using. Napp® was easy to understand from the beginning, and has a very good dashboard for visualization.”

CBP uploads and distributes all sales materials in Napp®, and uses the login function to give access to sales personnel only. We asked Susanne to characterize the main benefits of the platform:

“The easiness of using the platform and uploading new material is one of the key benefits. The fact that you can separate access to content between people within the organization is also very important, because it means that we only have to upload content to one platform for all the various people who access our content – both internal and external.”

Susanne Bentsen continues:

“Initially, there was some internal reluctance to use the platform, but when people realized the advantages of having access to all content from one platform they turned into very satisfied users.”

It seems that the ease of use and the availability of all content on one platform are the clear advantages of Napp®. Susanne Bentsen continues:

“Also, Napp has been fast to respond if we had any issues that needed attention.”

About the future of CBP and Napp®

CBP is not yet using all functions in Napp® like e.g. deep tracking, but sees a potential in these features:

“It is part of the plan for the near future to work more with statistics and become better at understanding the needs of our sales team as well as partners to create better content and material.”

As a final remark, we asked Susanne Bentsen to suggest what kind of content she and CBP would like to publish more of in the future. Her answer was short and precise:

“Video, video, video.”

 We would like to thank Susanne Bentsen and CBP for the interview. If you want to know more about CBP and their services, access their website here.

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