There are plenty to choose from when investigating sales enablement tools, and it can be difficult to distinguish between them. Still, there are some elements that characterize the best sales enablement tools. We have found the top five, which you can use to guide your search for a sales enablement tool that can boost sales in your company.

#1 Centralized content management

An essential feature of any sales enablement tool is content management. Gathering content in one place where all can be uploaded and distributed to the relevant coworkers strengthens the collaboration between sales and marketing. Collaboration is a crucial selling point for implementing any sales enablement tool.

A Deloitte study even suggests that collaboration tools should be core applications and not just add-ons in organizations, because they can improve productivity and employees’ ability to innovate. Working together in dispersed workplaces while also speeding up work becomes possible with sales enablement tools that enable collaboration by centralizing content management.

#2 Client access

Extending the access to content to your clients is important. Because having everything in one place is the very foundation of your sales enablement efforts. I.e. sharing your content with clients via other channels defeats the purpose of implementing a sales enablement tool.

You might as well share the relevant sales material with clients via your sales enablement tool, and it can help you boost engagement. According to CSO Insights customer engagement is a means to an end in sales enablement, but a critical one, because effective customer engagement will increase your win rates. Therefore, the best sales enablement tools are flexible and offers the option of giving your clients access to content.

#3 Analytics

Big data, little data, statistics and analytics are more than buzzwords: data has become crucial to any sales and marketing strategy as it allows you to make informed decisions. The best sales enablement tools provide you with rich data – often termed analytics – on content performance and sales rep activities, which can positively impact your content creation and sales rep training.

“By using analytics to identify the traits and skills of top performers, it becomes clear where everyone’s gaps are. Then digital tools can be deployed alongside more traditional learning mechanisms to effectively roll out coaching to large and widely distributed sales forces.”

– McKinsey

#4 Mobile access

Your sales force always needs to be equipped with updated and handy material when out in the field. This means papers and briefcases have become outdated in sales encounters and mobile access to content has become crucial. Therefore, the best sales enablement tools are those that give your sales reps access to relevant content wherever they are and regardless of whether they brought a laptop or a tablet.

Yet again you can benefit from taking your clients into account: “More than 90% of B2B buyers use a mobile device at least once during the decision process” (source: McKinsey). Just like consumers, your B2B buyers increasingly demand engaging and relevant buying experiences, which consequently means communicating with them where they are. Mobile accessibility has become critical in the digital age of customer service. Therefore, a sales enablement tool that grants mobile access to content can benefit both your sales force and your clients.

#5 Search

“A recent survey found that sales reps, on an average, spend five working days per month searching for relevant information.”

– Indrajeet Deshpande, MarTech Advisor

Therefore, the best sales enablement tools have advanced search. This relates to the need for easy access to content: You can distribute a lot of content via your sales enablement platform, but if information is hard to find for your sales reps, it damages the buyer experience. When clients ask for specs, prices or stock information, your sales reps should be able to locate it with a few clicks and not a phone call to a coworker in the office.

Checking these five things can help you separate the wheat from the chaff when investigating sales enablement tools. If you are unsure about your needs and would like to know what else the best sales enablement tools can do for you, contact us for an informal talk, or chat with us right away via the bubble in the lower right corner of the screen.

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