Over the past decades we have witnessed the rapid development of technology and the opportunities it has brought. A relatively new technology has emerged, artificial intelligence, which has started to influence more and more elements in our everyday life, from the search functions on the web, smart/self-driven cars and the known speech recognition software Siri.

The innovative technology consists of the application, or mimic, of the cognitive function of the human mind, specifically learning and problem solving, which serves as the core of the technology. Its purpose is to investigate the environment in order to make good decisions, to maximise value and improve the success rate. The current development of artificial intelligence is in a relatively narrow phase and will become broader over time. This consequently means that the smart machine will outperform humans in nearly all cognitive tasks. 

Due to the expected development of artificial intelligence we will see more of the opportunities this technology brings with it, and will change our perception of the world. It will also be utilized by more organisations, as it can lead to a competitive advantage, product development and complex data interpretation. 

Artificial intelligence will continuously offer new opportunities and influence our lives in all aspects, and as many experts predict; AI will become the future’s new super human.

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