Readers are unlikely to return to a digital publication and/or app if they had a bad user experience and the first impressions often rely on the design. In other words – it’s important to have a good UX to ensure a credible platform.

Size matters

When a reader/customer has to download or view your app or publication it's important that the size of it matches the fact, that it should only take few minutes if not seconds to open your publication. If your publication is to big you shouldn’t expect any readers. Remember that readers/customers won't always have an extremely fast Internet connection available when using a smartphone or tablet, since these devices are used a lot when travelling and nobody wants to sit and wait for a publication to download or just open.

Overpriced editions and subscriptions

If you offer a digital magazine, a subscription on digital publications or another type of publication/app that costs money, make sure not to charge too much for it. The price has to be reasonable, especially compared to similar publications on the market. Nobody wants an overpriced product and by charging a realistic amount you can be sure that you will achieve happy customers.

Amount and access of information

If it's required an iTunes/app store download in order to receive your publication/app, think about the amount of information that is available in the description before downloading. As the reasonable price, the amount of information also has to be reasonable. Too much information can be confusing and unclear for the reader to cope with and too little information can leave the reader with a doubt about if your publication/app is reliable and if the source (you) is trustworthy.

A good design

The design has to be clear and modern. As stated above, the user's first-impression is often design related. Use big pictures with a calm feel without too much noise. Make sure to have a clean and simple design guide. Your publication/app will achieve desirability with a beautiful and peaceful design. Also have your product and more important your target group in mind in order to achieve the relation between you and them. The design should be honest and show how you are. When choosing your design for your platform it is important that you have truly understood your target group, potentially by a lot of user research, in order to know what kind of design specifically appeals to this group of users.

Poor app/publication experience 

If your app or publication is slow, contains bugs, has poor user navigation and is difficult to work out you can just as well forget about achieving readers/customers. It's not enough to have a beautiful design. Test test test your publication before it becomes available.

Customer Support

Customer support is key (if that's something you offer). It's the importance of keeping your customers happy. Always strive to answer every call, every email, live chat or comment within a reasonable time range. If you are able to fix a customers problem quickly, you will have a happy customer.

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