Successful client meetings are really about making your clients happy. We have gathered our six pieces of advice that can help you equip your sales team to do exactly that. The focus is on digital content, since we truly believe that digitization of the whole sales cycle is the key to great client experiences. Here are 6 specific client meeting ideas for supporting your sales team and ultimately your clients.

1. Digitize sales content to ensure that it is up to date

Digitizing sales content is crucial, because online accessibility lays the foundation for streamlining the whole sales cycle through technology. First and foremost because sales content that is available online can be continuously updated to fit the message that you are communicating.

It is troublesome to handle paper material since it quickly becomes outdated, and with all sales content available online you can be sure that your sales team always have the right information at hand in any client encounter.

2. Create an overview of sales content

Digitizing everything is not a solution in itself. When you have put your sales content online, it quickly becomes a mess and your sales team might have to search through a labyrinth of folders in folders to find that one sales presentation or product list they need to show the client.

The solution is simple – create an overview. You can start out with organizing content in folders, but to make it fast and easy for your sales team to get an overview, you can implement technology that allows you to segment content and prioritize what is shown to sales reps. Implementing e.g. an app solution allows you to apply multiple features that give your sales team an overview of your content.

3. Make it easy for sales reps to find the relevant content

When potential clients ask questions during client meetings, your sales team can impress them by instantly presenting them with an answer – if the answer is easy to find. This might be a specific product or stock related question that requires your sales rep looks up the relevant information. The easiest solution is to make your content searchable, so your sales team can impress clients with instant answers.

4. Lay a solid groundwork by gathering relevant client information

Your sales reps have the biggest impact when they are out in the field doing what they do best – selling. However, sales reps often spend a lot of time in the office preparing for client meetings. Therefore, you can support your sales team greatly by easing their preparation.

A way to make preparation more impactful is by gathering all the information you have about client history in one place where sales reps can get a quick overview of the client’s behavior and needs before a client meeting. This also allows the sales reps to target their presentation to the client in question and provide a more personalized buying experience.

Just remember to always handle client data with care and comply with GDPR.

5. Make a variety of prebuilt presentations

A method for making your sales reps’ preparation easy and effective while making sure that clients still get a relevant sales presentation is to make a variety of prebuilt presentations that your sales team have access to.

Utilizing the same standardized presentation at all meetings is easy, but often that means the presentation is never truly relevant to any client. Ask your marketing team for a selection of prebuilt presentations that target clients in e.g. different industries or of different size. Then your sales team get better conditions for having relevant conversations with all clients.

6. Make use of interactive content

Digital media offers possibilities for utilizing interactive and more engaging content, which the print media does not offer, and you should take advantage of it. The obvious choice is to make more use of video in the creation of sales content: show the use of your product or service, present your company, make video manuals etc. The possibilities are endless.

That rounds off our selection of 6 client meeting ideas that create better buying experiences. Reach out to us to hear more about these client meeting ideas in action.

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